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XXXTentacion’s Murder Suspect’s Attorney Wants To Use Footage Of Kodak Black Interaction With His Client To Prove His Innocent

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Kodak Black, the rapper who's been in and out of jail since he was a teenager, is once again in trouble.

According to press sources, Dedrick D. Williams's lawyer has requested records and footage from 's most recent three-day incarceration—suggesting that guards let the two convicts converse. Williams is accused of killing XXXTentacion; the rapper was shot in his car after leaving RIVA Motorsports on June 18th of 2018.

On July 15 Kodak had a three-day stint in the Broward County jail when police discovered dozens of Oxycodone pills in his car and arrested him on suspicion of trafficking. However, Yak was released from prison after it became clear that the pills were prescribed medications, which a doctor had advised him to take following an earlier this year where he got shot.

During these three days in the Broward County jail, Kodak interacted with 's murderer and there is footage. Mauricio Padilla the defense attorney of Dedrick called the subpoenaed records “vital” to prove Williams' innocence.

Now Padilla is trying to get access to CCTV footage from July 15 and 16 showing cells 5 and 7 of prison unit 6A between 3 p.m.–5 p.m., as well as any details about Kodak Black's or Williams' whereabouts during that period.

The jail has maintained all of the information Padilla subpoenaed, but it is awaiting a judge's order to send the documents over. In his motion, however, Padilla does not explain why these materials are crucial for William's defense.

Williams was arrested for first-degree murder shortly after XXX's death. According to witnesses the murder suspect observed XXX at the dealership before robbing him and killing him. Witnesses said that while the rapper was at a bank withdrawing money, Williams waited for him at the bike store with two other people who used this opportunity to rob and kill their target.

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018, Williams was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder and armed robbery in the death of rapper XXXTentacion. His brother who goes by the name 26shotz on Instagram made a video back then that went viral claiming his brother's innocence.

In the , 26Shotz said: “Keep my brother's name out your mtf*ing' mouth, my n*gga,” Dedrick D. Williams. We ain't playing no games bruh, y'all getting y'all self in a whole bunch of trouble, dog. Y'all just mind y'all business, let them crackas do they mtf*ing job. A n*gga pulling up for real. All y'all out there, I don't give a f*ck, I don't pick faces, Z shit n*gga.”

Later, 26shotz posted a photo that showed him posing with Kodak Black—the rapper himself!

The caption reads: “Mob Ties you can catch me with a Zombie or 2 @KodakBlack.”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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