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Yasiin Bey’s Instagram Apology to Drake: The Full Story!

todayJanuary 30, 2024 12127 186

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In a recent development, rapper Yasiin Bey, also known as , has publicly apologized to for comments made in a previous interview. Bey stated that he had reached out to Drake but has yet to receive a response.

The controversy began when Bey expressed his views on Drake during an interview on ‘The Cutting Room Floor' podcast, describing him as more aligned with pop than hip-hop.

If you're not up to speed on the whole and Drake feud, let me break it down. It all kicked off when Bey started talking about whether Drake is really hip-hop. Mos Def laid it out, saying, “Drake is pop to me.” He broke it down further, explaining that Drake's tunes, being all commercial and popular, could basically be the background music at a Target store in Houston.

During the podcast conversation, Bey highlighted that while he enjoys Drake's music and acknowledges its likability, he questioned the depth and substance of the content. He pondered whether Drake's music goes beyond being entertaining and fun to deliver a meaningful message.

Mos Def's interview, where he openly discussed Drake's music and the commercialization of the industry, has sparked conversations about the overlap between hip-hop, commercial achievements, and the significance of delivering meaningful messages in music.

This prompted a response from Drake, who posted a snippet of in an old interview with a caption that reads: “What umi say again?” Lemme shine my light king don't change up now”

Drake also left a remark on an Instagram post related to Mos Def, writing “Bohemian Bucket.” For those unfamiliar, “Bucket” is a term in Toronto slang used as a synonym for the term “crackhead.”

For those who are unfamiliar with the Yasiin Bey and Drake drama. It all started Bey addressed the question of whether Drake is truly hip-hop, Mos Def expressed his viewpoint, stating, “Drake is pop to me.” He elaborated, suggesting that Drake's music has a commercial and popular appeal, comparing it to being played in a Target store in Houston.

Amid the drama between Mos Def and Drake, fans and fellow artists have shared their opinions on social media. , who has had past with Drake, also chimed in on the topic, adding his perspective during a recent interview on HOT97.

Joining the conversation, rapper Common shared his take with a well-rounded perspective. Common recognized Drake's lasting influence on the music scene, stressing that disagreements aside, Drake is recognized as an MC and an amazing songwriter. Commending Drake's versatility in impacting different facets of over an extended period, Common expressed admiration for his skill in connecting with audiences. The seasoned rapper wrapped up by stressing the importance of respect, highlighting Drake's undeniable talent and deserving recognition for his significant contributions to the music scene.

In response to Mos Def's candid remarks about Drake's music and the industry's commercialization, weighed in on the discussion, stating, “I love that 2024 is about finding creative ways to hate.” Budden emphasized that he doesn't perceive anything Mos Def said as a diss, highlighting the recurring theme in hip-hop where artists may view success differently. Budden noted that Drake has previously responded to similar sentiments expressed by other MCs, acknowledging the existence of both admiration and criticism. He suggested that the reactions stem from a complex dynamic within the industry, where truth can be found even in the midst of criticism.

Mos Deef recently took to Instagram to clarify his statements, emphasizing that he harbors no ill will towards Drake. He expressed appreciation for Drake's talent and success, acknowledging that the criticism in the past has been unfair.

The rapper stressed that his intention was not to slander or mock Drake, but rather to provide his honest opinion when asked about it during the interview. Bey further urged viewers not to be distracted by conflicts in the music industry but to focus on more critical issues, such as human rights and global justice.

As things play out, we're waiting to see if Drake will hit back at Bey's apology or if they'll patch things up in the crazy world of the music scene.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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