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YFN Lucci’s Attorney Predicts Quick Release: Home in 4 Months?

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Atlanta rapper , born Rayshawn Bennett, has accepted a plea deal in connection with a RICO case, managing to escape the looming felony murder charge that has haunted him for nearly three years. The artist was initially charged with a series of offenses, including the alleged murder of 28-year-old James Adams in a 2020 drive-by shooting. Despite this plea deal, YFN Lucci is not entirely free; he will be serving time behind bars and facing probation as part of the negotiated agreement.

On Tuesday morning (Jan.23), prosecutors dropped a significant number of charges, reducing YFN Lucci's legal burden from 13 counts to just one. The dropped charges included the serious felony murder charge related to the death of James Adams during a shootout with a rival gang in Atlanta back in December 2020. While law enforcement did not implicate Lucci in the actual shooting, he was identified as the driver of one of the vehicles involved in the , leading to his subsequent surrender to the authorities in January 2021.

YFN Lucci pleaded guilty to violating the Street Gang Prevention Act, specifically one count of street gang terrorism and prevention. The plea deal comes with a 10-year prison sentence, coupled with an additional 10 years of probation. The rapper, whose legal troubles date back to 2020, has been incarcerated since the spring of 2021, following a violation of his release on bond by attending a strip club.

Despite the apparent severity of the sentence, YFN Lucci's attorney, Drew Findling, remains optimistic about his client's . Findling asserts that YFN Lucci will not cooperate in any other cases, maintaining his position throughout the three-year legal battle. According to Findling, the plea deal allows Lucci to be eligible for parole in as little as four months from now. This calculation takes into account the 10-year sentence, eligibility for parole after serving 40 months, and the credit for time served, which amounts to approximately 36 months.

Findling highlighted that the prosecution has agreed to support early release on parole, underscoring the potential for YFN Lucci to reunite with his children, and family, and resume his career.

Notably, took to to share his thoughts on the matter, asserting that YFN Lucci will be home in five months. The support from fellow artists shows the impact of this development within the hip-hop community, where legal troubles can significantly impact an artist's career.

This plea deal's timing is a big deal because YFN Lucci's case was about to hit the trial stage, and they were already picking out the jury. The eleventh-hour resolution throws the rapper a lifeline, giving him a shot at getting back to freedom sooner than everyone thought. While the hip-hop scene watches how this legal drama unfolds, YFN Lucci's fate is up in the air, and parole might be the turning point in his rollercoaster ride through the legal system.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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