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YNW Melly DNA could be used to convict the rapper in the double murder case

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In February 2019, YNW Melly and his accomplice were arrested and charged by the Miramar Police Department with two counts of first-degree murder for killing two of their crew members, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchase, and face life imprisonment or the death penalty if convicted.

At the latest hearing in Florida, the prosecutors presented all the evidence they had against the two and it was decided that it did not meet the burden of proof, meaning it was not enough to prove.

The prosecutors have messed up in their own ways as well in this case. The first shortcoming was that they couldn't produce any DNA evidence of Melly being at the crime scene even though they knew for a fact that he was there at some point.

If the judge decides that the evidence isn't enough in the next hearing and the two aren't deemed a flight risk or a danger to society they could be released on bond.

While Melly is currently sitting in jail awaiting his trial. Prosecutors have been going around and trying to find as much evidence as possible.

Now on October 20, Melly's court files were updated. Prosecutors are now requesting the Broward county judge to force to provide his DNA in order to help solve the murder case.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, They want to check if his C's, A's, G's, and T's match up to DNA samples they found on a key piece of evidence collected during the investigation.

That evidence is a yellow jacket which prosecutors say already has DNA that matches Anthony Williams, one of the 2 people killed in the shooting.

A judge has yet to rule on the swab request.

YNW Melly's last court hearing was one of the most important ones.

Melly requested during the hearing bale until his trial starts and his accomplice Bortlen he also requested bail at the same time. Melly's bail was denied meanwhile Bortlen was granted it and this is all due to the new severe evidence that is found against Melly.

In the court documents, it states that in the vehicle where Melly allegedly did the act toward the two individuals there was evidence left behind in the car. Being the yellow jacket. This yellow jacket was analyzed by the Broward Sheriff's Office crime lab and a report was then issued as this is very severe evidence.

So dated September 2nd, 2021 the report indicates that Anthony Williams aka YNW Sakchase's DNA was a part of the sample and that there are three other potential contributors. The contributor's profiles are not eligible to be entered.

The prosecutors want to prove that Melly is guilty in this court case by using a DNA test which in the court of law is very hard evidence to beat.

With new evidence being found with the DNA that's needed all of this evidence against Melly is now making it seem as if he will be getting sentenced to life in prison.

The first evidence court file against Melly states the following: “We have a video of Mr. Demons (YNW Melly) admitting to shooting two individuals in the head.”


They confiscated Melly's cell phone from his manager Jameson Francois. After investigating his cell phone they ended up finding a video of Melly admitting to doing the act towards Sakchase and Juvy.

Melly not only admits to the murders but also fails to show any remorse. “There's no regret for the sh*t that I did for that n***a to die,” he allegedly says on the tape.”

In the next court document, it states the following: “This video was on Mr. Demons' (YNW Melly) cell phone which was brought to my office by Jameson Francois and that's how we had that.”

Now allegedly law enforcement can do something called a data extract which means that they can bring back deleted text messages and even photos.

The prosecutors will have all of this new evidence that was on Melly's phone.

One of Melly's text messages that he send out said and I quote: “I keep Bortlen with me cause at the end of the day, he did one of the realest stuff in my life.”

Prosecutors believe that this is Melly's way of thanking Bortlen for remaining loyal and not snitching in the court case.

The next court document states: that cell phone evidence is easily some of the biggest pieces of evidence in this court case.

The next file said and I quote: “These particular cell phones, which were both I-phone 10 were on the T-Mobile network. And so T-Mobile has a very interesting feature where it will tell you the environment the cell phone is in. So from these cell phone records, I can tell you the exact moment Jamell Demons got out of the car at the staged drive-by shooting location.”

One of the most important detail, in this case, is what happened after the took place. There was a span of 40 minutes where Melly and Bortlen did not get any medical attention nor didn't call for an ambulance for Sackchaser and Juvy.

The prosecutors believe that Melly and his accomplish ended up pulling the car into a side parking lot that's connected to a back road and that's when Melly hopped out of the car and roughed it up with his own firearm making it seems as if it went through a drive-by shooting. That would have taken 40 minutes.

The Florida rapper Melly has been behind bars at Broward County Jail in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. since Feb. 13, 2019.

YNW Bortlen was released on a $90,000 bond in May of 2020 but was arrested on April 12 of this year for violating the terms of his bond.

While the Florida rapper YNW Melly remains behind bars waiting for his trial he and his accused accomplice have pleaded not guilty.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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