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YNW Melly Made A Plea For Help, Says Is Being Mistreated In Jail

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YNW Melly, one of the most well-known rappers in the world and a man who has been convicted of a crime, is asking for help.

On his Instagram account, Melly wrote on Sunday (Dec 4) a message saying that he has been cut off from his fans and family by prison officials and that he needs help. He says that prison guards and other officials mistreat him, and he's worried about his safety.

In a heart-wrenching Instagram post, the rapper revealed that he hasn't been able to speak to his family or friends for months at a time. This means that he's not able to pay his bills, and it's making it even harder for him to manage his legal fees.

The rapper also said that B.S.O is aware of this situation and that he is being “hidden from the world.”

From his prison cell, Melly took to Instagram where he wrote the following message:

“In the picture taken over a year ago I am smiling, but as I speak to you from my cell at this very moment. I am weeping in the present. I have been mute for years about the mistreatment, discrimination, and misuse of authority mental & emotional abuse, I have been suffering and in fear of B.S.O staff Captain Archibald, Captain Hubert, XO Jean Baptiste, and XO Jenkins. These are just a few names of high-ranked staff that have enforced this treatment.”

On April 8, was told that he would be indefinitely banned from using the phone. His crime: Using another inmate's phone pin to make a call. He's now been on this punishment for 8 months—but no other inmate in the jail is being treated this way.

Melly wrote: “I was told I was not allowed to use the phone indefinitely (which means forever) captain Archibald Revoked my calls for using another inmate pin to talk on the phone, usually when Someone gets disciplined for this It is usually phone restricted for 30 days it is now going for 8 months, no other inmate in this jail is being treated this way.”


The rapper goes on to say that his B.S.O has been aware of this for months and that he is being “hidden from the world not hearing my family voices has mentally & emotionally tortured me into deep depression this is entrapment I was never given a fair warning that talking on another inmate pin was wrong.”

The Florida native says he's innocent until proven guilty, and should have all rights to talk to his family during holidays such as Christmas Day. He also says that whoever took away these privileges has a vendetta against him because of his celebrity status.

“I am innocent until proven guilty and I have all rights to talk to my family, whoever took my privileges has a personal vendetta towards me, this is true mistreatment and discrimination plus pain and suffering and I cannot do my time like this Awaiting trial being secluded because of my celebrity status and my social media following Sheriff @bsosherifftony Please get on top of this situation Somebody please help me!!”

In his message, Melly tagged DJ Akademiks, , and Kim Kardashian—as well as President Joe Biden.

Meek Mill has stepped in to support YNW Melly. His tweet comes after Melly tagged him when asking for help.

“They treat us like slaves when they got us all alone… FREE MELLY! They destroy your whole mentality before you are even considered guilty!!!:” Meek Mill wrote in response to Melly's plea.


A few months ago there was a rumor circulating that Melly might try to escape from prison; his mother took to social media in order to quash the rumors.

The rumors, which arose in September, spread rapidly across the internet, and Melly's mother said that this was a deliberate effort by the prison officials and guards to undermine his case.

She also said that the prosecution has been locking down his phone calls and limiting his attorney visits, which she believes is an attempt to make it more difficult for him to receive an effective defense.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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