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Why Is Young Thug’s Lawyer Spending Weekends in Jail?

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Why is 's lawyer spending weekends in jail? Brian Steel, the attorney defending rapper Young Thug in the Young Slime Life () RICO trial, was sentenced to ten weekends in jail starting June 14, 2024. Steel landed in hot water after he refused to reveal how he learned about a private courtroom conversation, leading to a contempt of court charge. Now, every weekend, he'll report to Fulton County Jail from Friday night to Sunday night.

The trouble began when Steel revealed in court that he had knowledge of a private conversation, known as an ex parte communication, that had taken place earlier that morning. This conversation involved the judge, the court reporter, representatives from the state, a state witness named Kenneth Copeland, and Copeland's lawyer. Notably, Steel was not present for this discussion and was not supposed to have access to the information shared during it.

The judge was immediately concerned about how Steel came to know about this private conversation, as it suggested a possible breach of court protocol. In court, the judge repeatedly asked Steel to explain how he obtained this information. Despite several warnings, Steel refused to disclose his source. This refusal led the judge to find Steel in contempt of court.

Contempt of court is a serious offense that occurs when someone disobeys or shows disrespect for the court's rules and orders. It is a measure used to ensure that court proceedings are conducted fairly and respectfully. In this case, the judge felt that Steel's refusal to reveal his source disrupted the court's process and showed a lack of respect for the court's authority.

Because of this, the judge sentenced Steel to 20 days in jail. However, rather than serving these days consecutively, Steel will serve them over the course of ten weekends. He is required to report to the Fulton County Jail every Friday at 7 PM and will be released every Sunday at 7 PM. His first weekend in jail begins on June 14, 2024, and his sentence will conclude on August 18, 2024.

In a unique twist, Steel asked the judge if he could serve his weekend jail time alongside Young Thug, should the rapper's appeal not secure his release on bond. The judge granted this request, meaning Steel might spend his weekends with his client if Young Thug remains in custody.

Young Thug, the well-known rapper, has been embroiled in legal troubles, and his case has garnered significant public interest. Steel's role as his lawyer has placed him in the spotlight, and his actions during the recent court hearing have only added to the drama surrounding the case.

Young Thug has been facing significant legal issues, and this latest development involving his lawyer adds another layer to the ongoing situation. For now, Steel will serve his sentence over the weekends while continuing to represent his client during the week.

Young Thug's Ongoing Legal Battle: Latest Developments

Young Thug faces serious charges including gang-related activities and other criminal offenses. These charges are part of a larger investigation into alleged criminal enterprises operating in the Atlanta area. Prosecutors have accused him of being deeply involved in these activities, leading to a high-profile case that has seen numerous twists and turns.

Court Proceedings and Delays

The legal process has been lengthy, with multiple court hearings and procedural delays. Defense and prosecution have sparred over various issues, including the admissibility of evidence and witness testimonies. These legal maneuvers have stretched out the timeline of the case, making it a drawn-out ordeal for all parties involved.

Brian Steel's Contempt of Court

A notable recent development involves Young Thug's lawyer, Brian Steel. On June 10, 2024, Steel was sentenced to spend his weekends in jail for the next ten weeks. This punishment came after Steel refused to disclose how he obtained information about a private court conversation that took place earlier that day. His refusal led the judge to hold him in contempt of court, illustrating the high stakes and intense scrutiny surrounding this case.

Young Thug's Legal Strategy

Despite these complications, Young Thug's legal team, led by Steel, continues to fight vigorously. They have filed multiple motions seeking to dismiss charges and exclude certain pieces of evidence. These efforts reflect a broader strategy to undermine the prosecution's case and secure the rapper's release.

Public and Media Reaction

Young Thug's case has attracted significant media coverage and public interest. Fans and supporters have rallied around him, while others closely watch the legal proceedings. The case has sparked discussions about the criminal justice system, the treatment of celebrities in court, and the broader implications for the hip-hop community.

What's Next?

As the legal battle continues, several key events are anticipated:

  • Further Court Hearings: More hearings are scheduled where the defense and prosecution will present their arguments on various motions. Potential Trial: If the case is not dismissed or settled, it may proceed to a full trial, which would bring even more public and media attention. Appeals and Legal Maneuvers: Both sides are likely to engage in further legal tactics, including appeals, to influence the outcome of the case.


Young Thug's ongoing legal troubles are far from over. With his lawyer facing jail time and the case continuing to develop, the rapper's remains uncertain. The outcome of this case will have significant repercussions not only for Young Thug but also for his associates and the broader music industry.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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