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Yung Miami Faces Backlash for Her Lyrics: JT Reigns as the Better Rapper

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Yung Miami, also known as Caresha, is getting called out for her not-so-good lyrics. People are comparing her to JT, her partner in the City Girls group, and saying JT is a better rapper.

The backlash began on Monday, June 19th when shared a snippet of “Put It On Da Floor” by Latto and . People voiced their opinions, with one person commenting, “Caresha literally can't rap. She wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for JT. She sound like she gotta sinus infection when she rap. And she def tried it when she tried to do that Barbie dreams rip off.”

Shortly thereafter, she treated fans with another sneak peek, highlighting her “favorite part” of the track.

Caresha's lyrics go like this: “Ripping out the bands b*tch these hunnids all blue b** I'm f** on ya baby daddy and f** mine too”


Excitement was building as Yung Miami shared the two snippets of her upcoming verse on social media. However, it seems that the response has not been positive. Many fans are expressing their disappointment and dislike for the verse she posted.

After Yung Miami announced her remix of the song, people began to voice their opinions. A fan named Jon expressed their disappointment, tweeting, “That shit was trash tbh sry Caresha.” Yung Miami responded, saying, “That's fine, Jon. Everybody's not going to love it & that's ok.”


In addition to Jon's tweet, another user made a comment about Caresha's . He tweeted, “Listening to Yung Miami is like killing your mom.”

Questions arose about when Yung Miami would announce her official album. However, when asked about it, she responded, “Chile idk don't ask me shit fr!.”

Social media star Armon Wiggins, shared a tweet about the . He Tweeted, “Nah cuz WTF is going on with the city girls..it's giving fulfill obligations then split.” In response, someone said that JT was busy promoting their two new songs while Yung Miami was enjoying herself on a yacht. This led to comparisons between the two artists, with JT being described as hardworking and motivated, while Yung Miami was accused of seeking quick cash for luxury items like Birkin bags.


Yung Miami didn't take the criticism lightly and felt offended by the comments. She fired back, saying, “So I said “hoe RAP FOR WHAT? this p*ssy pay the the bills!!! Cause y'all always saying I can't rap but I ain't even gotta rap tho!! LIFE IS GREAT b*tch do you see how I'm living??? I ain't never said I was no lyricist either tho lmaooo.” It was clear she was upset about being labeled as less talented than JT.

Yung Miami's announcement of the remix has sparked interest from other artists, including the popular rapper GloRilla. The rapper expressed her desire to join the remix shortly after Yung Miami's teaser. It seems that the remix has gained attention and excitement among female rappers.


, caught the attention of fans when she tweeted about remixing “Put It on Da Floor.” She wrote, “Ian did a remix since I blew up, but the streets keep telling me to remix ‘Put It on Da Floor,' and I think I'm finna listen. That mf too hard.” Cardi B, who had also performed the song at Summer Jam alongside GloRilla, encouraged her to go for it, replying, “DO IT!!!!!!”

Shortly after their exchange, GloRilla took to once again, hinting at her involvement in the remix. She shared a screenshot of an audio recording titled “(GLO) ON DA FLOOR RMX,” without providing further details.

Despite Yung Miami and GloRilla's enthusiasm for remixing the song “Put it on Da Floor,” some fans are expressing their weariness with the repeated remix. They are calling for a change and craving new music instead of additional remixes. The repetitive nature of the remix has started to diminish the excitement of fans, who are eager for new music from their beloved artists.


However, while Yung Miami and GloRilla are enthusiastic about remixing the song, some fans are expressing different feelings. One fan voiced their frustration, saying, “Omg I liked put it on the floor when I first heard it but now I am so tired of y'all ripping y'all asses out da plastic.”

Another user commented on the remix, stating, “These put it on da floor remixes so bad and I'm tired of all of them starting they verses off with some reiteration of ‘rip me out the plastic i been acting brand new… like someone eat my ass.”

The new remix of “Put It on Da Floor” has left fans divided. It remains uncertain how Yung Miami and GloRilla will respond to these contrasting opinions, and whether they will take them into consideration. For now, it seems we may be in for another round of “Put It on Da Floor.”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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