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50 Cent’s 911 call surfaces, revealing details about the mic mishap

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50 Cent‘s recent concert at L.A.'s Crypto.com Arena on August 30, chaos ensued when the rapper's microphone became an unlikely weapon. The 911 audio recording, now released to the public, provides a glimpse into the frantic moments that followed the mic mishap.

On the call, a dispatcher's astonishment is evident as they learn that someone has suffered blunt force trauma not from a fist or an object but from a microphone. That's right, a microphone! It turns out that the mic had struck Bryhana Monegain, square in the forehead, leaving her bleeding profusely. The dispatcher, with a hint of curiosity, even asked, “Who's performing tonight?” It's a question that lingers as an amusing aside in an otherwise serious situation.

As the 911 call began, the dispatcher calmly inquired, “911, what's the emergency?” The response on the other end was far from ordinary: “We have a blunt force trauma to the face. She got hit with a microphone.” It was a bizarre situation that caught everyone off guard.

With the dispatcher trying to piece together the situation, they asked the crucial question: “Is she currently awake?” The response came swiftly, “Yes,” adding a touch of urgency to the conversation.

Then, in a moment that added a touch of levity to the otherwise tense call, the dispatcher asked, “Who is performing today?”

Despite the dispatcher's lighthearted query, immediate medical assistance was dispatched to the scene. Monegain, with a visible gash on her forehead, expressed her fears about potential brain injuries, stating, “I just want them to check my brain. Like, am I going to be okay? I just want to make sure ain't nothing bleeding.”

So, how did this bizarre happen? Well, it all started with 50 Cent's frustration over technical issues affecting his microphone during the concert. Not once, but twice, he decided to take matters into his own hands and hurled the mic into the crowd. Unfortunately, the second throw found its mark on Bryhana Monegain, who was standing in an off-stage production area. The entire incident was caught on video by vigilant concertgoers and, of course, went viral on social media.

Now, the legal wheels are turning. Law enforcement sources have completed their investigation, and the case has landed on the desk of the County District Attorney's office. They're reviewing the incident for possible felony charges.

Dionna Maria Lewis, Esq., a D.C. attorney, chimed in on the situation. While she acknowledged that the payout might be more substantial due to 50 Cent's high profile, she speculated that it might not be a life-changing sum. Interestingly, she also mentioned the possibility of 50 Cent having insurance covering such “unusual” conduct. Who knew that microphone mishaps could be insurable events?

Despite the unexpected drama, 50 Cent's “Final Lap” tour is still going strong, with scheduled dates stretching into December. So, if you're a fan or just curious to witness the aftermath of the infamous mic toss, you can still snag your tickets for 50 Cent: The Final Lap Tour.

The 911 audio from 50 Cent's concert incident has given us a glimpse into a truly unusual concert mishap. Let's hope Bryhana Monegain makes a full recovery, and that 50 Cent keeps his mic firmly in hand for the rest of his tour!

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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