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American Cholo Video Took Out Of Context To Spread Hate; Don’t Believe Everything You See On The Internet

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During a recent appearance on the Power 106 studio, Tyga apologized to American Cholo, a spokesman of the Latino community, for the “Ay Caramba” video, which some people thought to be offensive.

clarified during the conversation that he wasn't attempting to offend anyone with his new music video; instead, he just wanted to make a funny video.

After all the controversy, Tyga decided to take down his music video in response to the backlash it created.

But a few days later, an edited version of Cholo's old podcast video surfaced that showed him uttering racist insults, sparking a conflict between the Latino and Black communities.

An entrepreneur who goes by the Mike Baggz tweeted: “Tyga apologizes to the Mexican community for appropriating their which is kind of interesting. Now can we get an apology from the Mexican community for consistently screaming the N-Word in their rap music?”

No Jumper shared the following clip of Cholo using racial slurs with the caption: “Footage Emerges of Calling Blacks “Ghetto Coons” & N***ers.” [1][2]

The edited video only showed him using those words without showing any context at all—which makes it look like he's just an angry racist who wants to offend Black people.

After seeing the Cholo snippet on social media shared by No Jumper, Power 106 removed the Tyga and Cholo interview from their platform without even checking the whole video.

When watched the entire Cholo podcast, they discovered that his statement had been taken entirely out of context.

In the subsequent tweet, Dilemaradio uploaded the Cholo footage in which he essentially quoted what his friend told him when he was released from prison by saying: “When I saw him I forgot what conversation we were heading but he said fuck them n****. And I was like what the f**. I said com'on homie relax on that s***. Fuck then n**** he said with hate in his eyes. You can see the prison time he was in f*** change him.”

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day news cycle—we all do! But if something seems too good or bad to be true (or just plain weird), it probably is. Check out other sources for more information before passing something along as fact.

Don't believe what you see on the internet! Do your own research, this is just one of the countless examples of people taking things out of context and using them as weapons to attack others. It's dangerous, it causes hate, and it needs to stop!

Support each other and stop spreading hate between us brothers and sisters!

Written by: Silvia Tine

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