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Asian Doll Revealing Struggles and Victories in Raw Interview with Angela Yee

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In a recent interview on the “Way Up With Angela Yee” podcast, Asian Doll, also known as Asian Da Brat, sat down with hosts Angela Yee and Brooklyn rapper Maino to discuss her life, career, and personal experiences. The extensive interview, which lasted nearly one hour, was shared on Yee's YouTube channel, giving fans a profound insight into the rapper's personal journey and unique perspective.

Angela Yee, a well-known media personality, has been a staple in the podcast and radio industry. With her previous podcast “Lip Service” and co-hosting role on “The Breakfast Club,” Yee has built a reputation for engaging in conversations and connecting with her audience. Her new radio show, “Way Up With Angela Yee,” allows her to continue these meaningful discussions and entertain listeners.

The interview started off by delving into the topic of Asian Doll's name change from Asian Da Brat to Asian Doll. The Drill Queen clarified that while she initially adopted Asian Da Brat as an alter ego, she ultimately made the decision that Asian Doll, her original name, would forever resonate with her fans.

Yee also talked about Asian Doll's relationship with the late . Yee said that Von spoke nicely about Asian Doll when he was on “Lip Service,” which surprised people who had a different opinion of him. Doll shared that King Von paid close attention to her interviews and looked out for her, showing his support through their interactions. She explained how the interview was important in showing King Von's true personality and clearing up misunderstandings about him.

The conversation then shifted to Doll's family background. She shared that her mother was also an artist and influenced her passion for . Unfortunately, her mother's career was cut short due to the challenges posed by the drug era. The rapper expressed admiration for her mother's talent and beauty, acknowledging the impact her upbringing had on shaping her own path.

Maino raised a question about Doll's public image, asking if she felt more known for her music or the controversies surrounding her on social media. Doll admitted that, initially, she was perplexed by the attention she received and the drama that seemed to follow her. But she realized that she was talented and chose to accept the situation, concentrating on improving herself as an artist. She was thankful for Angela Yee's continuous support and played her new song, “Where The Fun N****s At,” as a way to respond to the mean things people were saying about her.

Talking about the well-known incident on the Fresh & Fit podcast, where Asian Doll was treated badly by the hosts and left the interview, Doll shared her thoughts. She explained that it was the first time she was on a podcast with mostly men, and she felt caught off guard by the unfriendly atmosphere. Even though the hosts said disrespectful things, Doll stayed calm and chose not to respond physically because she knew it would only make things worse. Yee and Maino highlighted the significance of treating guests and women in the industry with respect.

During the interview, Angela Yee and Maino said lots of nice things about the rap Queen. They liked how she never gave up and grew as an artist. They knew she started as a young artist in Dallas and now she's well-known in hip-hop. They also thought she was good at dealing with tough situations and staying positive. Doll talked about how much she loved New York and how it felt like a second home to her. She felt accepted and supported by the hip-hop community there.

When asked if she felt she received more love than hate overall, Doll responded that sometimes it seemed like everyone was against her, but when she went out and met her fans, she felt a lot of love and support. She noticed that the positive energy from her fans and followers outweighed the negativity.

The conversation delved into Asian Doll's early career and her journey from being an independent artist to signing with Mane and later becoming independent again. Doll talked about how she never gave up and kept going even when things were tough in the music industry. She faced many obstacles but stayed true to who she is and didn't let them stop her. Angela Yee praised her for being strong and staying true to herself despite the difficulties she encountered.

The interview then touched upon a significant loss in Asian Doll's lifeβ€”the passing of King Von. Angela Yee acknowledged the difficulties Asian Doll faced in dealing with public scrutiny and criticism following Von's death, despite the fact that they had broken up at the time. Asian Doll acknowledged the “hood politics” that often surrounded such situations, expressing that it was not an isolated experience but one faced by many women in similar circumstances. She encouraged others to focus on their own truth and not allow false narratives to affect them.

The hosts mentioned that Lil Durk had come to Asian Doll's defense amidst the rumors and blame directed at her. Asian Doll expressed her gratitude for Durk's support, highlighting the significance of having someone with a similar understanding of the public's judgment. Angela Yee highlighted the importance of conducting proper research and not readily accepting false information without understanding the full context.

Then they started talking about something more lighthearted. Angela Yee asked Asian Doll what makes a guy fun. Asian Doll explained her point of view, saying that a fun n**a is someone who feels good about themselves, makes sure everyone is having a good time and spreads positive energy. She said it's about creating a fun atmosphere and enjoying good vibes. They had a lively discussion and mentioned Swae Lee as an example of a fun guy who knows how to have a good time.

Asian Doll also talked about the importance of getting friends together to have a good time. She likes it when people are friendly and supportive of each other, especially when they come together for parties or events. Doll enjoys being social and making connections with others who have a positive attitude and treat each other with respect.

The conversation continued as Angela Yee brought up the topic of cutting people off in Asian Doll's life. Doll admitted that things had gotten crazy for her, with people going live and causing drama. To protect herself, she had to create a barrier and surround herself only with her true, day-one friends whom she trusted. She acknowledged that she had learned to be more cautious and avoid situations where friends would go live unexpectedly and say hurtful things. The rapper shared her experiences of waking up to live streams about her, which often escalated into unnecessary conflicts. However, she made it clear that she had taken measures to prevent such situations from happening again.

Shifting gears, Yee highlighted another aspect that Doll was very clear about writing all her own lyrics. Asian Doll confirmed that she indeed writes all her lyrics. However, she expressed openness to working with other writers, mentioning her collaboration with London on the Track for her upcoming song, “Bankroll.” Asian Doll explained that during the creative process, London's team provided her with suggestions and ideas for the song, resulting in a collaborative effort. She expressed excitement about this new direction and the potential for future collaborations with writers.

The hosts expressed their enthusiasm for the preview of Asian Doll's upcoming song and inquired about her creative process when putting together an entire project. Doll shared that she creates songs based on her feelings and experiences, often drawing inspiration from the emotions she's going through at the time. She admitted that she needs to be in the right headspace to lock in the studio and create music. While she has a great support system, Asian Doll expressed her desire to explore working with writers, especially during periods when she's in a different emotional state.

Angela Yee mentioned an incident involving Fivio Foreign and his child's mother, which resulted in a back-and-forth exchange. Asian Doll clarified that the woman did not personally reach out to her, but her comments were directed toward Fivio. Asian Doll explained that Fivio is a lively person who enjoys being surrounded by women and creating a positive vibe. She assured everyone that she had no intention of getting involved in any drama and preferred to stay out of such situations.

The interview continued with Angela Yee asking Asian Doll about her new deal with Self-Made Entertainment, which Asian Doll expressed excitement about in her social media posts. Asian Doll explained that Jimmy, who became her manager, initially brought a money opportunity to her attention. Impressed by his work and the artists he had worked with, she decided to give him a chance as her manager. Shortly after, she received a call from Self-Made Entertainment expressing interest in signing her. Asian Doll described Mr. Brown, the head of the label, as someone who has had a significant impact on her career. She mentioned that he hails from Arkansas and is based in Atlanta. Asian Doll appreciated his vision and the financial support he provided, which has transformed her life. She spoke highly of Mr. Brown and expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.

The hosts, Angela and Maino, acknowledged that having a team and resources behind her would enable Asian Doll to fully explore her talent, sense, and style. Asian Doll agreed and said that being independent was challenging, as it often required significant financial investment and access to resources. Maino added that having a project without financial backing or a dedicated team could be like throwing a cup of water into the ocean. Doll expressed her excitement about her new team and the opportunities that awaited her.

The conversation then shifted to the topic of money and the financial challenges that artists face. The Queen of Drill acknowledged that being an artist comes with expensive habits, as they take care of those around them. She explained that sometimes artists find themselves in tough financial situations because they have to support not only themselves but also the people dependent on them. Doll mentioned that while she has experienced both good and tough times financially, she has learned the importance of saving and planning for the future. She stressed the need for artists to save money and be prepared for unforeseen circumstances. Asian Doll also highlighted the various ways female artists can make money, particularly in the beauty industry, through endorsements, modeling, and creating their own brands. She mentioned her own ventures in the beauty industry, including selling makeup and her own hairline. Asian Doll expressed her desire to explore modeling opportunities as well.

The interview continued with Angela Yee asking Asian Doll about her personal transformation and her practice of meditation. Asian Doll explained that her transformation involved tapping into her feminine side and learning to deal with the challenges and losses she had experienced. She shared that she had a lot of rage within her but decided to channel it into meditation to find inner peace and balance. Asian Doll taught herself how to meditate, using different sounds for different purposes, such as healing, forgiveness, and manifestation. She described her meditation process, which involved praying over candles and entering a deep state of rest and reflection. Asian Doll found meditation to be life-changing, allowing her to learn more about herself and gain a deeper understanding of her own spirituality.

During the interview, Angela Yee brought up a past incident where Doll had a physical altercation with someone who had attempted to grab her chain. She described the incident and how her security swiftly handled the situation. Doll expressed her gratitude that nothing serious had occurred and explained how it served as a lesson for her to be more cautious around fans and to maintain a balance between showing love and protecting herself. She expressed the importance of not underestimating the potential dangers and being smart about personal safety.

Asian Doll concluded the interview by sharing details about her upcoming projects. She mentioned that she had two singles coming out soon, “Bankroll” featuring Icewear Vezzo. The rap Queen expressed her excitement about the collaboration and how the track had been in the works for three years. She also mentioned that 42 Dugg was featured in another song, expressing her disappointment that he was currently incarcerated but still hopeful for his release.

Angela Yee asked when the project would come out, and Asian Doll said it should be in August. She also said she was excited about an upcoming tour.

The host briefly asked about Doll's experience in Dubai, to which she responded positively, mentioning how it broadened her perspective and highlighted the kindness of the people she encountered. Asian Doll appreciated Angela's support throughout the interview and expressed her gratitude for the love she received.

The interview with Angela Yee and Maino reminded the audience to check out Asian Doll's new single, “Where the Fun N**s At,” and announced the release date for “Bankroll ” featuring Icewear Vezzo. The single is expected to be released on July 28th. Both Angela Yee and Asian Doll expressed their excitement, and the interview concluded on a positive note.

In summary, the interview gave us a peek into what Asian Doll has planned for her future music projects, how she comes up with her ideas, and what she's been through in her music career. It showed us how she has grown as an artist and how determined she is to achieve her goals.

Watch the full interview with Asian Doll

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