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Big Sad 1900 New Album’The Reason’: Voice of the Streets

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In the heart of West , specifically in La Cienega Heights, a raw and authentic rap talent by the name of Big Sad 1900 is becoming well-known in the industry. Known for his unfiltered lyrics and dedication to keeping it real, is quickly becoming a favorite among listeners, especially on .

Despite his growing popularity, Big Sad 1900 remains remarkably humble. He's a hardworking artist striving to establish himself in the rap world. Friends describe him as down-to-earth, and it's evident that his authenticity shines through in his music. His music is making an impact not only in the United States but also internationally thanks to Dilemaradio's global reach.

“Sticks in the Bentley,” a collaboration between Big Sad 1900 and TopRankGang, claimed the top spot as the best hip-hop song of August (2023). Even now, it continues to dominate Dilemaradio's hip-hop music chart, maintaining a strong presence.

One notable release in Big Sad 1900's discography is the track “Pull Up On Stevo,” dedicated to his late friend WLA Stevo and featured on his Deluxe album, “Die A Legend.” This album, comprised of 27 songs created in just 13 days, offers a deep dive into the life of a streetwise individual striving to rise above adversity.


WLA Stevo played a pivotal role in Big Sad 1900's life, pushing him to pursue rap when he initially doubted its potential. Big Sad recalled, “At first, I thought it was corny. I mean, I knew how to rap from going to jail and all, but I didn't believe in it.” Listening to artists like Nipsey Hussle, Mozzy, or Drakeo The Ruler changed his perspective and made him realize that he could excel in this field.

Tragically, Stevo's life was cut short when he was shot by a family member while sleeping. This event served as a harsh reality check for Big Sad 1900, who now ensures that no one sleeps around him with firearms.

Big Sad 1900's journey to success was far from straightforward. He admitted to quitting rap multiple times early in his career. One of the turning points was his track “La Cienega Heights,” which initially received only 500 views and discouraged him. However, the song has since garnered over 1.3 million views.

Today, Big Sad 1900 is signed to and has established his own record label, 1900 Records. He's proud of his partnership with Empire, recognizing that they provide opportunities to street-oriented artists that others might hesitate to support.


Big Sad 1900's music revolves around themes of struggle and truth. He doesn't glorify violence but instead shares his personal story, allowing many to relate to his experiences. Interestingly, he doesn't limit his musical influences to rap; he enjoys listening to “smooth oldies and all types of music.” This taste is reflected in his music, with samples from artists like Keith Sweat and R. Kelly adding a nostalgic yet modern touch to his tracks.

The West Coast artist sees himself as a voice for the young individuals who have faced similar struggles as he did. He acknowledges his past actions, which included stealing and robbing, and expresses regret for them. Today, he's a hardworking individual who values his possessions and empathizes with victims of theft.

Big Sad 1900 partnership with Empire has allowed him to release his album, ‘The Reason,' which dropped just yesterday on September 22. With 16 tracks that encapsulate the essence of his journey and struggles, ‘The Reason' stands as undeniable proof of his craft. One poignant track on the album, “I'm Da Truth,” featured his late friend, WLA Stevo.


Stream Big Sad 1900 New Album “THE REASON”

In summary, Big Sad's 1900's rise in the rap scene is about authenticity, dedication, and staying true to his roots. As his name continues to spread both in the United States and worldwide, it's clear that Big Sad 1900 is on the path to becoming a name to remember in the world of raw and genuine rap music.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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