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The Best Hip Hop Songs of 2023 by Dilemaradio

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The Best Hip Hop Songs of 2023 by Dilemaradio

It's January, and here at Dilemaradio, we're excited to look back at the past year in hip-hop. Let's reminisce about the awesome tracks that made the last 12 months memorable! While the voting period has come to a close, Dilemaradio's annual hip-hop music chart is now complete, and we are thrilled to announce the top songs of the year (2023). Our radio reports played a crucial role in curating the […]

todayJanuary 2, 2024 9208 84 6

Big Sad 1900 New Album'The Reason': Voice of the Streets

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Big Sad 1900 New Album’The Reason’: Voice of the Streets

In the heart of West Los Angeles, specifically in La Cienega Heights, a raw and authentic rap talent by the name of Big Sad 1900 is becoming well-known in the music industry. Known for his unfiltered lyrics and dedication to keeping it real, Big Sad 1900 is quickly becoming a favorite among listeners, especially on Dilemaradio. Despite his growing popularity, Big Sad 1900 remains remarkably humble. He's a hardworking artist […]

todaySeptember 23, 2023 18200 221 2


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