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The Best Hip Hop Songs of 2023 by Dilemaradio

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It's January, and here at , we're excited to look back at the past year in hip-hop. Let's reminisce about the awesome tracks that made the last 12 months memorable!

While the voting period has come to a close, Dilemaradio's annual hip-hop music chart is now complete, and we are thrilled to announce the top songs of the year (2023). Our radio reports played a crucial role in curating the list of the most popular tracks from the past year.

The music scene has been flooded with amazing contributions from a variety of artists, making it tricky to narrow down the top songs. But, after looking at votes and radio reports, we've put together a list of what we think are the standout songs from the past year.

Throughout the year, Dilemaradio has been dedicated to promoting outstanding tracks, providing a platform for emerging and established artists alike. Our commitment to showcasing the rap game's finest has been evident through daily features on our social media platforms, where we highlight the best tracks as the “Top Track Of The Day.”

Picking the top song for the year isn't a walk in the park, given the mix of musical preferences and vibes out there. So, we've put together a monthly list of the top 12 tracks, giving props to the amazing artists who lit up the hip-hop scene.

Explore the top-performing hip-hop tunes on Dilemaradio! No need to wait—dive into the fantastic lineup that kept our station grooving all year!

1. Arsonal Da Rebel – Street Life
2. Dizzy Wright – Willing & Ready
3. & – Will Not Lose
4. – NPC's
5. – born rich
6. & TopRankGang – Sticks In the Bentley
7. Wale – Max Julien
8. Dave East – HUSTLERS (feat. )
9. & – Die Tonight (feat. Edgar Sosa)
10. Jeezy – Couldn't Lose If I Tried
11. & Raqbaby – 1 of 1
12. ShooterGang Kony – Darkest Thoughts

Discover our Spotify playlists showcasing some of the best songs from 2023! However, these playlists currently feature only 125 songs. Our radio station, on the other hand, hosts an even greater collection of hidden gems. For those who lean towards Spotify, feel free to explore our specially curated lists.

Dilemaradio is all in for showcasing the best in hip-hop, and we're pumped for another year of celebrating the genre's diverse talents. Stay tuned for more exciting vibes right here at Dilemaradio!

Written by: Silvia Tine

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