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Bill Cosby’s Spokesperson Exposes Inconsistencies in New Rape Allegations

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In a recent episode of the Hip Hop News Uncensored Podcast, 's spokesperson and publicist, Andrew Wyatt, shared intriguing details about a new lawsuit filed against the embattled comedian. The podcast, hosted by O'god and , provided a platform for Wyatt to shed light on the allegations and offer insights into the ongoing legal battles surrounding Cosby.

During the conversation, Wyatt expressed his appreciation for the News Uncensored Podcast, acknowledging its dedication to sharing stories and uncovering truths within the entertainment industry. Wyatt highlighted the importance of platforms like theirs in disseminating accurate information to the public.

The discussion centered around a former Playboy model, now 85 years old, who recently accused Bill Cosby of rape, alleging that the occurred in 1969. Wyatt revealed that this accuser was not new to the scene, as she had come forward in 2014, represented by attorney Gloria Rachel Allred. However, Wyatt clarified that during the trials in 2017 and 2018, all the women, including this accuser, had stated that Allred was their publicist, not their attorney.

Wyatt went on to mention a civil trial that took place in the previous year, involving Judy Huff, who claimed that Cosby had invited her to the Playboy Mansion when she was a minor. Despite the verdict awarding Huff $500,000 in damages, punitive damages were not granted. Wyatt highlighted that Victoria Valentino, another accuser, had been present throughout the trial, seemingly attempting to distract attention away from the case.

Cosby's spokesperson further explained that the recent surge in accusers and lawsuits against Cosby was a result of the “look back windows” established by various states. These windows allow individuals, whose statute of limitations had expired, to file civil suits against alleged perpetrators as long as they are alive. He noted that these windows have provided an opportunity for accusers to seek financial compensation, potentially motivated by personal gain or social media recognition.

On social media, Boosie also voiced his opinion on the matter by sharing a tweet that read: “Leave Bill Cosby alone!! 1969 WTF!! Woman its 2023!! Smh U wait 54 years to come forward. Money is the root of all evil. Let's keep it real she bout kick the bucket n she wanna bless her grand babies before its too late str8 up.”


Wyatt criticized the exploitation of these look-back windows by some individuals seeking publicity and financial rewards, pointing out the inconsistency and changing narratives in the allegations made against Cosby. He cited the Playboy model's multiple accounts of the alleged incident, with each retelling differing significantly from the last.

According to Wyatt, the shifting stories and inconsistencies raise doubts about the credibility of the accusations against Cosby. He highlighted the historical context surrounding racial tensions during the time of the alleged incident, comparing it to the infamous Emmett Till case, where a young black boy was lynched for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Wyatt questioned the credibility of a narrative that portrays Cosby as a serial rapist in a racially charged era, considering the numerous investigations he was subjected to during that time.

As the conversation continued, Andrew Wyatt delved deeper into the intricacies of media manipulation and his experiences in the industry. He acknowledged the financial motives behind sensationalized stories and how they contribute to the portrayal of certain individuals, like Bill Cosby, in a negative light. Wyatt explained that Cosby's success and his desire to purchase NBC were seen as a threat to the mainstream media, resulting in a concerted effort to undermine his image.

Reflecting on his own career in production and news, Wyatt revealed the tactics employed to generate scandalous stories and create narratives around public figures. He spoke about the pressure to target black individuals, particularly politicians or influential personalities, and fabricate stories if no legitimate dirt could be found. He acknowledged the dangers of such practices and expressed gratitude for being part of platforms like that aim to counteract this manipulation.

During the conversation, Wyatt revealed his recent conversation with Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille Cosby. Mrs. Cosby expressed the couple's long-standing commitment to supporting causes they believed in, such as funding the Black Panther Party and assisting Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in feeding the families associated with the movement. Bill Cosby's aspiration to purchase NBC was rooted in his desire to tell black stories and uplift the community.

Wyatt passionately explained how mainstream media outlets, like hip-hop podcasts and radio shows, were hesitant to have him as a guest due to potential conflicts with their sponsors. He specifically mentioned Charlamagne tha God and the “Breakfast Club” radio show, as well as Gillie Da Kid and Wallo267, who recently secured a lucrative deal with Amsterdam Vodka. Wyatt believed that their allegiances to sponsors hindered them from discussing the allegations against Bill Cosby, despite owing their success to his pioneering work.

Expressing disappointment, Wyatt shared his experience with Walo267, who had been incarcerated in the same prison as Bill Cosby. Walo267 had promised to help other inmates and shed light on their cases upon his release. However, since gaining fame and signing deals, Walo267 had neglected those commitments, refusing to return calls from the inmates he had previously promised to assist.

Wyatt spoke candidly about the importance of understanding history and how influential figures like Bill Cosby paved the way for the success of many in the entertainment industry today. He urged these figures, including , Dr. Umar Johnson, and others, to invite him onto their shows to discuss the allegations against Cosby and the broader implications of his case.

In the interview, Andrew Wyatt expressed sincere concern that certain individuals may take advantage of the situation and endanger Cosby. To gain a deeper insight into the interview you can watch the full interview on the Hip Hop News Uncensored Youtube channel.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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  1. Everyone on June 3, 2023

    Apologists for rapists are even worst than the rapists themselves.


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