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Birdman’s Warning to Joe Budden: ‘Don’t Play with the GOAT’

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In the world of hip-hop, opinions, and critiques are often part of . However, when media personality Joe Budden recently shared his candid thoughts on 's latest album, “For All the Dogs,” he got caught up in a social media whirlwind that just won't quit.

, famous for speaking his mind on his podcasts, stirred up quite a commotion when he openly shared his not-so-enthusiastic opinion about Drake's latest release. What began as a straightforward expression of his musical preferences soon turned into a heated feud that grabbed the spotlight, drawing the interest of fans and fellow artists alike.

The tension reached new heights when , a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry and a long-time associate of Drake, decided to weigh in on the ongoing feud. He made his feelings known on Instagram, not mincing words as he directed his criticism not only at Joe Budden but also at Charlamagne Tha God and comedian . He shared the following message: “Joe Budden Calm down brother you not built 4this real gangsta shit.”

When it came to Charlamagne, Birdman wrote, “I think you mean well, and I respect you even though we've had our differences, but I respect you, Charlamagne, but respect Drake.”

Even comedian Druski didn't escape the scrutiny of Birdman and Drake's words. Birdman had this to say: “Bro, you're still playing with a real gangsta SMFH,” and Drake followed up with, “Stunna's about to have you disappear on Gladys.”

But Birdman didn't call it quits there. He hopped onto Clubhouse to keep the feud talk going. During a Clubhouse chat with Wack 100, Birdman didn't hold back when it came to Joe Budden: “Tell Joe Budden to calm down. I've always respected Joe Budden personally, but he can't play with the GOAT. He can't criticize the GOAT. If you are playing with the GOAT then we got a problem.”

This statement from Birdman sent ripples of concern through the hip-hop community. It was clear that those close to Drake were not taking Joe Budden's criticism lightly. Birdman's message was a clear warning to Budden, suggesting that further disrespect could result in consequences.

But the criticism didn't stop with Birdman. Even Drake's father weighed in on the matter, expressing his frustration on social media. He defended his son, arguing that young artists should be allowed to pursue their art without older critics trying to burst their bubble.

Drake's father's message reads: “It's a fucking shame that a young artist can't do his own thing and enjoy his glory without an old hater motherfucker trying to bust his bubble because he has nothing going on, and to mention or put a limit on what age anyone should be dealing with which is none of his Godamn business as long as they're of legal age, I am sick of these old fucking haters fucking with my son if you don't like what he does keep it moving motherfucker, he's not bothering you!!!!!!!!!!.”

Joe Budden didn't stay completely quiet. Instead, he made his statement with just two pictures on his social media accounts. On Twitter, he changed his profile picture to all black, a symbol of the weight of the situation.

Over on Instagram, Joe dropped a pic of himself chilling in a pool, sportin' a white tank top, all while keeping a close eye on his phone. Looked like he was gearing up for the wave of criticism coming his way from both fans and industry insiders.

The ongoing attacks on Joe Budden raise questions about the boundaries of freedom of speech within the hip-hop industry. While artists and media personalities are entitled to express their opinions, the intensity of the backlash against Joe Budden suggests that certain artists, like “The Golden Child” aka Drake, may be considered off-limits for criticism.

However, it's essential to remember that music, like any art form, is subjective. Different listeners have different tastes, and Joe Budden's critique of Drake's album reflects his personal preferences. Disagreements are natural and should be respected within the hip-hop .

Fans are on the edge of their seats, eagerly waiting for Joe Budden's next podcast episode. The big question is how he's gonna tackle this ongoing feud. Lots of folks are thinking he might try to smooth things over by showing some love for Drake and playing down any bad blood.

Joe Budden's next podcast episode is generating a lot of buzz because it's dropping on none other than Friday the 13th, and it's Episode 666, the Devil's Day special. Fans are itching to see what Joe's got in store. Will he try to smooth things over in his typical no-nonsense way? Or will he dive even deeper into the drama? What happens behind the scenes, away from the prying eyes of social media, is anyone's guess, and that's what makes this uniquely numbered episode so intriguing.

The never-ending immaturity displayed by Drake and his crew is honestly quite disheartening. This whole Joe Budden versus Drake album critique saga just shows how fiery and sometimes downright argumentative the hip-hop scene can get. In an industry celebrated for its freedom of expression and artistry, it's crystal clear that some artists, Drake being a prime example, are put on a pedestal that makes them immune to criticism. Ultimately, the discussion shows us that in the world of music, different viewpoints will keep butting heads, and artistic expression will forever be a matter of personal interpretation.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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