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Blueface Gets Candid in Exclusive Interview with RapTv

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Blueface, the rapper and entrepreneur, recently sat down with Tallie Spencer on the RapTv show to discuss his career, relationship, and business ventures. is a busy man who has his hands on many different projects. He owns a restaurant, is a boxer, manages artists, produces , and executive produces his own show on Zeus and OnlyFans. His goal is to have seven sources of income.

When asked about his seven sources of income and entrepreneurial ventures, Blueface explained that he started developing his entrepreneurial mindset during the pandemic, as rap music slowed down. He started managing his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, and executive producing his own show, which opened up new opportunities for him. He also purchased his restaurant, Blue's Fish and Soul, but admits that it was a terrible idea to go into business with his mom, as she quit on him. He recently partnered with King of Crabs and is looking forward to opening the restaurant in the summer.

Blueface revealed that his most profitable business venture is his work in television. He made a million dollars on both OnlyFans and Zeus. When asked if he plans to pursue more business ventures, he responded positively.

As the interview continued, the host Tallie delved deeper into Blueface's relationship with Rock and how it has evolved. Blueface admitted that he never saw their relationship becoming romantic at first, but he always knew that his girlfriend had the potential to become a star. He also shared how Rock was the most appreciative of all the girls when they first met, which made him take notice of her.

Things took a turn when Blueface's baby mama got jealous and attempted to jump his girlfriend with a group of friends. During the altercation, Rock hit her face on a statue in the house, causing her tooth to become loose. Blueface took her to the dentist and ended up having to get the tooth pulled. This is what made him feel responsible for changing Rock's life and ultimately led to him signing her as a rapper.

The host then pointed out how his girlfriend has become a viral sensation and had gained a lot of attention. Blueface praised her for being an amazing personality and a great character. He went on to say that he didn't even have intercourse with her until the second to last day of the show, despite her coming on to him. He didn't want to complicate things and was trying to stay focused on the show.

When the host asked if he got involved with anyone else on the show, Blueface laughed and teased the host, saying, “You wanna know or you wanna find out? You are looking like a Blue girl.” The host quickly shut down the suggestion, making it clear that she was not interested.

During the interview, Tallie asked Blueface about his girlfriend Chrisean's impact on his career. Wack 100, Blueface's manager, had previously expressed concerns that Rock was ruining Blueface's career. When asked about it, Blueface said that Chrisean's raunchiness might not be appreciated by those who do not know her personally. He initially felt that Chrisean was making his security and work too hard but realized that her antics were actually appreciated by the audience. Blueface believes that Chrisean has star qualities and that she has the potential to elevate their career beyond just music.

Blueface expressed his desire to move beyond just being a rapper and get involved in other ventures such as restaurants and executive production. He wants to elevate his career and not just focus on music, which is different from what his musical manager wants for him. Despite the concerns expressed by his manager Wack 100 and others on the internet, Blueface remains committed to Chrisean and their relationship.

When Tallie asked him why he decided to focus more on executive producing than his music career, Blueface cited the pandemic and his dislike for the fan in the music industry. He said that he didn't enjoy the short-term nature of the music industry and how fans can be demanding and fickle.

Blueface also spoke about his relationship with Chrisean and how he knew she was going to be successful before she even had any real training. Despite the initial hate she received from some of his friends and family, Blueface trusted his instincts and continued to work with her.

When Tallie asked if their relationship was a PR stunt or just for play, Blueface insisted that it was 100 percent real. He acknowledged that Chrisean's impulsive nature sometimes leads to conflicts, but he believes that they are both committed to each other and their business ventures.

Blueface's interview with Tallie also delved into his views on relationships and what he considers to be healthy. When Tallie asked him if he had ever experienced a healthy relationship, he replied that he did not think such a thing existed, and that all relationships involved some form of sacrifice and compromise.

Tallie challenged his perspective, suggesting that healthy relationships involve both partners encouraging each other to grow in a positive way. But Blueface disagreed, arguing that any kind of compromise or sacrifice could not be considered healthy.

Instead, he argued that the most important thing in a relationship is growing, even if it is negative growth. He stated that he and Chrisean are constantly pushing each other's limits and that this is healthy for them both.

However, Tallie questioned whether pushing someone's limits in a negative way was truly healthy, and expressed a desire for peace and happiness in her own relationships. Blueface then asked if she was single, seemingly changing the subject.

Blueface's response to the question of whether he is excited about having a baby on the way reveals mixed feelings. He admits to being 50/50 about the situation, citing the fact that every time he comes around to the idea of having a child with his partner, something happens that complicates the situation. Despite this, he acknowledges that he is just as guilty of the situation and hopes to figure it out.

It's clear that Blueface has a complicated relationship with his mother or lack thereof. He describes her as “weird” and “strange” and says that he doesn't know what her motives are. Despite this, he doesn't seem to be too affected by the lack of a relationship with her and doesn't feel sad about it.

When asked about his ideal family dynamic, Blueface emphasizes the importance of unconditional love, regardless of material possessions or life circumstances. He says that even if someone he loves does something he doesn't agree with, he will still love them unconditionally.

As for how the arrival of the baby will change his relationship with his girlfriend, Blueface is hopeful that it will make her more mature and nurturing. He also mentions that he has two kids already and that he knows how to handle fatherhood.

When it comes to baby names, Blueface, and his girlfriend have considered “Royal Blue” and “Blueface Jr.,” but nothing is set in stone yet. It's clear that the couple is excited to welcome their child into the world, and Blueface seems ready to take on the challenges of parenthood.

The conversation with Blueface continues with a scenario presented to him by the interviewer. “What would Blueface do if he found out his girlfriend of four years cheated on him and said it was an accident?” Blueface responds by saying that cheating is a temporary thing and that he has been cheated on plenty of times. He goes on to say that he would take his girlfriend back as long as they love each other, and the cheating doesn't affect their relationship personally. According to Blueface, cheating is a moment of vulnerability, and everyone has had such a moment at some point. He believes that loyalty is more about making sure your partner is mentally and financially okay and being there for them when they need you.

The conversation takes a surprising turn when Blueface declares that every man Tallie has been with has cheated on her, even the one she is currently seeing. He says that cheating is a manly thing, and men are hunters who want to conquer. He further explains that loyalty and cheating are not in the same bracket and that loyalty is more about making sure your partner is good. He says that he could be with someone else but would still make sure his girlfriend is straight. To Blueface, loyalty is about being there for your partner, no matter what.

Tallie then asks Blueface if he thinks his girlfriend's child is his. Blueface says that he would get a DNA test, and there is an eight out of ten chance that the child is not his. However, he believes that the child is his because they are together, which is proof that the child is his. He goes on to say that when the DNA results come out, he will post them for sure.

The interview with Blueface has shed light on some interesting aspects of his personal life and beliefs. From his love for the color blue to his thoughts on cheating and loyalty, to his willingness to get a DNA test, Blueface has shared his unapologetic and candid perspective on a range of topics.

While some of his views may be controversial or go against societal norms, it's clear that Blueface is unafraid to speak his mind and be true to himself. Whether you agree with him or not, it's hard to deny his authenticity and his commitment to being real, both in his career and in his personal life.

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