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Bobby Shmurda And NBA YoungBoy’s Beef Heats Up On Social Media

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YoungBoy and Bobby Shmurda are beefing on social media, and they're not holding back.

It all started when Rowdy Rebel went on Math Hoffa's podcast to discuss, , Quando Rondo, and 's interchanging beef with King Von, who was murdered on November 20 of 2020.

YoungBoy took issue with Rebel's comments on Math Hoffa's podcast, saying that Lul Tim didn't have to kill King Von when he hopped out of the truck.

In response to Rebel, YoungBoy said: “I see why n*ggas irrelevant today. Be trying to make all the sense thinking what they saying is real but sounding stupid AF. Just mind your businesses and stop the violence.”

A feud on social media began between YoungBoy and Shmurda after the Brooklyn rapper posted a video that YoungBoy felt was directed at him.

Youngboy hopped on his IG story to address Shmurda after claims of being mentioned online.

In response to being dissed by YoungBoy, Shmurda went into attack mode. He took to IG live and shared a series of threatening taunts directed at the rapper as well as DJ Akademiks and Wack 100:

“I'm a grown-ass man. I'm in here for money but when I catch y'all little n*ggas or Akademiks… everybody bro any n*gga I catch. Wack… I'm going to boom them on camera live! On parole. I don't give a sh*t. I want to show him, my dead grandmother, Y'all catch my dead grandma. I'm gonna boom y'all. I don't give a f*ck. Everybody who's going to record this, I'm going to boom them on camera! I'm on parole and I don't give a f*ck. I want to show him, my dead grandmother.”

Shmurda's threat to “boom” YoungBoy caused the Baton Rouge native to laugh. He said, “That b*tch wants to kill me.”

YoungBoy hilarious went on saying: “I'm going to stay the f*ck out your way n*gga and hope you don't get too close. Mane this n*gga crazy he wants to kill us all. Mane, you should have minded your business. You trippin' mane.

YoungBoy ended the video by saying: “Mane let's be friends, I can show you how to ball. You trippin' man. Stop the violence. You should be my friend.”

In another video, Shmurda told the world that everything that YoungBoy does is fake and that he's the biggest slave in the industry. Also explains why he makes so much money with residuals because he's independent.

Shmurda stated: “You are the biggest slave. NBA YoungBoy is the biggest slave in . So they gonna go crazy for YoungBoy. All the sh*t you see on YouTube are fake views. All the sh*t is fake. Everything you see. On my grandma tho. 1M vieuws is like 4K cash n*gga. They pay the radio like 2K to every station to get his shit playing.”

We've chosen to share a few of the videos from their exchange, but you can find more on .

YoungBoy wrote this last message to Shmurda before blocking him on his Instagram: “Blocked” before you can even say another word I just want you to win crazy man” #Stoptheviolence

Things got heated between the two of them, but things seem to have cool down now. The best thing they can do is focus on their careers and stay out of all the internet drama that goes along with being a celebrity; it's not worth it.

YoungBoy's plea for an end to violence is a message we should give weight to.

Stop The Violence and focus on winning in life
– NBA YoungBoy-

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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