Bobby Shmurda Exposes The Ugly Truth About The Music Industry

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Recently, Bobby Shmurda took to his Instagram Live to share his thoughts on the industry and his experiences as a rapper. In the video, Shmurda stated that he no longer wants to be named a rapper.

Shmurda explained that the industry can be “nasty” and manipulative and that labels often try to control and exploit artists, especially those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Brooklyn native also touched on the concept of “playing dress-up” in the industry, explaining that mainstream artists often present a certain image or persona that may not be true to who they are in real life. He argued that this “fake” image is often perpetuated by labels in order to appeal to a certain audience and make money.

In the video, Shmurda also addressed the use of “fake streams” and “hackers” by labels in order to inflate an artist's popularity and streams. He explained that this tactic is often used to make it seem like an artist is more successful than they really are and that it can be difficult for artists to compete in an industry where this is prevalent.

This is a tactic that has been a topic of discussion in the music industry for some time, and it was recently brought to light when Atlantic Records was exposed on social media for using bots to boost their YouTube stats. This kind of manipulation is harmful to the music industry and to artists, as it creates an unfair playing field and can give the impression that certain artists are more successful than they really are.

In addition, Shmurda discussed the issue of “snitching” and how it can be used against artists by labels and the media. He argued that this is a tactic that labels use to control artists and force them to conform to certain expectations.

Overall, Shmurda's video serves as a cautionary tale for aspiring artists and highlights the challenges and pitfalls of the music industry. He encourages artists to stay true to themselves and not let labels or the media control their image or career. He also advocates for greater transparency and honesty in the industry, and for artists to be treated with respect and fairness.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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