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Boosie and T.I. Show the World How to Resolve Conflicts Like Bosses

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After a heated exchange of words between two rappers, and Boosie, it seems the two have put their differences aside after a chance encounter at St Louis Lambert Airport earlier this month. In a recent interview with , spoke about the phone call he had with T.I. to clear the air and apologize for his previous comments.

The dispute began when Boosie accused T.I. of cooperating with law enforcement during an interview with DJ Vlad. It all started when DJ Vlad mentioned a situation from back in the day in which T.I. discussed catching a gun case with his cousin who subsequently died. In response, Boosie called out T.I. for being a “rat,” stating that anyone who cooperates with law enforcement to get out of trouble is a rat.

T.I. defended his reputation, citing the “convict code” that states that when in doubt, one should pull out the paperwork. He also accused Boosie of not speaking to him about the matter before going public and suggested that the rapper was only concerned with the opinions of others.

Later on, T.I. addressed Boosie's snitching allegations in a new candid interview with Rich Trapper, host of the Trap News Networx platform. T.I. responded by saying that he found the situation confusing, given that he and Boosie had a solid relationship and many important mutual acquaintances.

The conversation then turned to Boosie's interview with DJ Vlad, and T.I. expressed his frustration with the media's tendency to focus on clickbait headlines and sensationalism rather than the facts.

However, things took a turn for the better when the two rappers ran into each other at St Louis Lambert Airport. A picture of T.I. and Boosie in the conversation has surfaced on social media, marking a significant development in their friendship. Boosie spoke to DJ Vlad about the phone call he had with T.I. and how they resolved their differences.


During a recent interview with DJ Vlad, Boosie shared details of his conversation with T.I. regarding their dispute. He said, “It just went like two bosses would handle it. First of all, we got kids who love each other. First, we weren't agreeing and we were going back and forth. He spoke how he felt, and I spoke how I felt. He felt me, and I felt him. I gave him an apology.”

Boosie also mentioned how he felt bad about the things T.I. was doing for him in his life at the time and apologized for his comments. However, he stood by what he said and mentioned that T.I. explained the situation to him, and they were able to move on from it.

“T.I. was doing some real sh*t to help me in many ways, and I felt bad. But even though I stand by my beliefs, we got through it when he explained things to me. Like bosses, we didn't let the internet or anything else change who we are.” It's truly inspiring to see individuals handle disagreements in a mature manner, and it's evident that T.I. and Boosie have put their differences aside and are now focused on maintaining their friendship.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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