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T.I. Addresses Boosie’s Snitching Allegations In A New Candid Interview With Rich Trapper

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Atlanta rapper recently sat down with Rich Trapper, host of the Trap News Networx platform, to discuss his situation regarding Lil 's snitching allegations during an interview with . The conversation covered a range of topics related to the recent drama, including T.I.'s perspective on the situation, his relationship with Boosie, and his views on the media's role in spreading information.

Trapper started the interview by noting that T.I. had found himself in an interesting situation, to which the rapper jokingly responded by calling it a “kerfuffle.” Trapper then explained the situation to those who may not have been aware, mentioning that Boosie had questioned T.I.'s involvement in “telling.”

T.I. responded by saying that he found the situation confusing, given that he and Boosie had a solid relationship and many important mutual acquaintances. He expressed his appreciation for Trapper reaching out to him to ask about the situation, rather than just relying solely on the media's coverage.

The host also asked T.I. about his upcoming projects with Boosie, to which the rapper responded that they did not need each other to make things happen. He emphasized the importance of standing on something solid and not speaking publicly about something if you are unsure of the facts.

The conversation then turned to Boosie's interview with DJ Vlad, and T.I. expressed his frustration with the media's tendency to focus on clickbait headlines and sensationalism rather than the facts. He also noted that Boosie's use of the word “IF” left room for doubt and confusion.

Trapper asked T.I. whether he thought Boosie was more concerned with getting clicks for the interview than maintaining their friendship, but T.I. declined to make assumptions about Boosie's motives. He also revealed that he had not watched the interview and did not plan to do so, as he did not want to give it too much energy.

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In the second part of the interview, T.I. clarified that the allegations were unfounded and that he had never cooperated with the authorities in any criminal investigations. He also explained that the allegations were taken out of context from a conversation he had on his podcast ExpediTIously”, where he was being sarcastic and not serious about the topic. T.I. expressed his disappointment in Boosie and reiterated that he had no reason to cooperate with the authorities as his case was resolved due to an illegal search and seizure. The interview ended with T.I. expressing his desire to maintain an optimistic outlook, despite not knowing what the holds for his friendship with Boosie.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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