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Boosie Reveals Why He Won’t Engage with Charleston White

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Boosie Badazz, the outspoken rapper from down South, recently opened up about why he refuses to engage in a back-and-forth with . In a candid video, made it clear that he's not willing to entertain any drama involving White, stating, “Charleston White gonna put your ass in jail. I'm not saying nothing 'bout no Charleston White. Never!!”

The Louisiana icon, known for his quick responses to any mention of his name in the media, made it clear that he's not interested in getting involved in any disputes with White, warning others to choose their battles wisely. He expressed concerns about White potentially involving law enforcement, cautioning, “Charleston White gonna put your ass in jail.”

Boosie's response not to engage with Charleston White comes amidst ongoing drama involving 's ex, Tia Kemp, who has been making noise online with threats to expose Ross unless she receives payment. She has been out there, exposing everything she can get her hands on. Kemp has been talking about how she's gonna spill all the tea in a tell-all memoir about her time with Rick Ross, going back 19 years. She's even throwing around threats to spill the beans on Rozay unless she gets paid to keep it hush-hush.”

Kemp, in her pursuit of attention and money, also named Boosie into the mix, questioning his actions regarding his previous reactions to and why Boosie won't respond to Charleston White.

In response to Tia Kemp Boosie said: “Man I heard that crazy lady. That lady got time. But I don't be bringing up no Kodak bro. Kodak been bringin up my name. Songs, interviews. I said what I said about that sh*t way long ago. And I let it go. I think what I said back in the day about him that really affected people and got people still mad at me but I ain't saying nothing about no Kodak. She trying to make it like I'm kicking him while he down or something. Hell no man. I never do that. I know that pain. I never do that bro. I don't think about that dude.”

“I heard what she said about Charleston White. She right. I ain't saying nothing about no …I ain't going to say nothing. I'm not going to say nothing”: Boosie continued.


“Charleston White going to put your ass in jail boy. I'm not saying nothing about no Charleston White. Never! There's one egg I'm not trying to crack. You better pick your battles wise. Charleston White going to call your PO. You ain't ready to f*ck with that. That's a whole different .. Hell no. That man ain't trying to kill me. That man ain't trying to do me nothing. I ain't gotta say nothing. I ain't going to let y'all bug me up to say nothing about it.”

Boosie's conflict with Kodak Black began when Kodak decided to collaborate with , a decision Boosie vehemently opposed. The situation escalated with Kodak releasing a named “11am In Malibu” targeting Boosie while the latter was incarcerated.

The lyrics of Yak's diss track state: “8 a.m in Charlotte, but it was actually 11 in Malibu Canyon/I'm startin' to understand that I'm a threat to these n**as and I was just playin', Kodak raps. “And I got longevity, and it's been longevity, and n**as been scared of me/From ever since I remember, that's what the streets tell me/I don't even care 'bout that sh*t though, I'm tryna get rich, h*e/Who Boosta think he is? Who you n**as think you be?


In response to Kodak Black's diss track, Boosie responded with the following: “Who Boosie think he is? [laugh emoji]. Someone U will never be #facts. You must be still mad about what I said cause you keep bringing my name up. @Kodak U gotta Blame yourself. You gave your career a black eye. I didn't do it. You did it. U pose to be focus on getting back out here with your family n getting help !! I wish U the best N I wish U freedom.”

With Tia Kemp stirring things up, poking at Boosie's past moves and where he stands with Charleston White, Boosie's just saying he's done with all the extra drama. According to Boosie, Charleston White's reputation for cooperating with law enforcement is reason enough to avoid any conflicts with him.


Meanwhile, Charleston White took to his social media to respond to Boosie's silence. According to Charleston White, Boosie's reluctance to engage stems from his fear of ending up back behind bars. White even added a humorous touch by offering Boosie some skincare advice.

Boosie's all about his and his hustle, and he wants everyone to know he's not about that drama life, especially when it comes to folks like Charleston White. So, if you're wondering why Boosie ain't biting, he's straight up saying he's sticking to his grind and keeping his focus on what really counts – his music and his fans.

Amid all this drama, Boosie's getting ready to throw down at his epic Boosie Bash in Louisiana on March 16th. He's bringing in heavy hitters like Big Boogie, , , Jeezy, and hometown legend Webbie. It's gonna be lit, a must-see for hip-hop fans, with some of the greatest names in hitting the stage.



Doors Open At 4:00pm | Show Starts At 6:00pm


801 Harding Blvd. | Baton Rouge, La.

Hurry up and snag your tickets now: OFFICIALBOOSIEBASH.com

Written by: Silvia Tine

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