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Calboy Slams DaBaby for Collaborating With NBA Youngboy

todayMarch 9, 2022 188

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criticized for collaborating with on their most recent project, “Better Than You.”

On March 4, 2022 DaBaby and NBA Youngboy dropped their album “Better Than You” on the same they as King Von‘s posthumous album “What It Means To Be King.”

The Chicago rapper Calboy turned to on Tuesday to slam DaBaby for working with Youngboy, calling him a “life-size weirdo mascot.”

“how you got respect for my Cuzin n the dead but got a whole tape with a n**ga dissing him, respect ah be to leave tht shit alone all together n pray both parties safe if that's how u bummin, U a life size weirdo mascot. Sell yo soul and integrity for bread u a bitch.”

In addition, Calboy stated that he would never collaborate with NBA Youngboy out of respect for his late cousin .

“Out of respect for Von I'll never drop that YB song ..out of respect for Von I'll always call bullshit wen I see it y'all n**gas dnt respect shit.”

The Chicago rapper added in another tweet that he's not upset over DaBaby's collaboration album with YB, but rather that DaBaby maintains he isn't trying to pick sides but feels DaBaby has shamelessly done so by teaming up with YB.

Calboy immediately went on Instagram Live to express his thoughts on the issue and continued to target DaBaby.

On Monday, DaBaby posted a lengthy Instagram message criticizing OTF affiliate Memo600 for commenting on the new project “Better Than You”, claiming that he may work with whoever he wants.

“Y'all towel boy ass n***s funny as hell, Y'all on da internet playing tryna run ya stripes up while y'all BIG DAWG in my DM waving the white flag.”

Y'all n***s must not be on da same page over there at OTF but check dis out , it ain't a gang , city , N***a, or neighborhood in da WORLD scary enough to make BABY pick & choose who to get money wit n***a.
I ain't one uh nem !

You n***s don't like it DO SUMN . I played it cool cuz y'all n***s wanna make it bout y'all Patna & ion speak on the dead cuz I'm onnat frfr! every day I wake up ready to teach me a n***a like you

So Long Live em , @kingvonfrmdao GOT my respect, he stood on business no excuses , it was just another n***a there ready to stand on business too.

That's how we living, that's what GANGSTA is ain't it ? But the rest of you h** ass internet n***s tryna be cool off ya boy name … is some H**S !

It's the n***s y'all got round that ain't doin allat talking that I'll respect, & still NEVER fear but you mascot ass n***s QUIT IT!

We are NOT the same my boy! ASK YO BIG DAWG. Now go call some REAL gangstas to step for ya P***Y! Ima be right here waiting ready to rock out “

DaBaby & Younboy's “Better Than You” project was released on the same day as King Von's posthumous album, “What It Means to Be King”, heightening tensions among all parties involved.

NBA YoungBoy VS

Meanwhile, Lil Durk and NBA Youngboy's feud continues.

On March 8, shots of a billboard at YB's hometown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with the words “Durk better,” began spreading on social media.

The first shots of the billboard appeared on social media around March 4 near the I-110 exit for Washington Avenue.

It also looks like the letters are formed out with money, which appears to be a shot at YoungBoy's recent money-spelling trend. However, it is unknown whether Lil Durk was involved with the sign or if it was carried out by Youngboy's fanatics.

The NBA Youngboy's crew reacted on Twitter, stating “we got some coming “before images of at least one “YB vs Everybody” billboard appeared in Durk's hometown of Chicago.

The feud between Lil Durk and Youngboy can be traced back several years, but it has certainly heated up in the last few months.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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