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Candace Owens Calls Out Adults Behind Lil RT’s Racy Lyrics

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In a recent episode of the podcast, the conservative commentator addressed a controversial topic that has ignited a debate on social media. Owens discussed a nine-year-old rapper known as , who gained attention for his video, despite facing criticism for his explicit lyrics.

Owens's video, titled “THIS Is What Is Wrong With Black ,” captured the attention of viewers as Owens expressed her concerns about the young rapper's content. Lil RT, who is allegedly illiterate, responded to Owens in a video that raised eyebrows and further fueled the ongoing discussion.

In response to Owens, Lil RT responded by saying: “She needs to be quiet, cuz they all up in my silk. They always trying to stop my music.”

Owens, known for her strong opinions on cultural issues, used the platform to address what she perceives as a broader problem in American society – the exposure of children to explicit content. The controversy arises not only from Lil RT's lyrics but also from the adults who seem to be encouraging his controversial content.

The podcast episode delves into the cultural implications of Lil RT's music, with Owens highlighting the corrosion of Black Culture as part of the broader American picture. She expressed her concern about the impact on young minds and the need for better parenting in today's society.

While some listeners may view Owens' critique as valid, others argue that she is unfairly targeting a child who may not fully comprehend the consequences of his actions. The debate on social media has been intense, with supporters praising Owens for addressing a societal issue, while critics accuse her of exploiting the situation for her podcast's gain.

Owens, however, remains unapologetic, asserting that she is not attacking Lil RT personally but rather addressing the adults who, in her view, are leading him down a harmful path. She emphasizes the need for intervention to ensure the well-being and proper development of the young rapper.

The controversy surrounding Lil RT‘s response video adds another layer to the discussion, with Owens expressing disappointment and concern for the child's . She argues that the adults around Lil RT are more focused on gaining attention and social media traction than on the well-being of the young artist.

As the debate continues on social media platforms, one thing remains clear: the issue extends beyond Lil RT's music and delves into the broader societal problem of children being exposed to explicit content. Owens calls for a collective effort to promote better parenting and responsible adult behavior, emphasizing the importance of addressing these concerns rather than dismissing them as entertainment.

In the age of social media, where things can blow up fast, the Lil RT situation is a clear reminder that adults play a crucial role in molding the experiences and welfare of the younger generation.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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