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Doe Boy Stands Strong in Support of the 9-Year-Old Rapper “Lil RT”, Despite Backlash

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Lil RT, the 9-year-old rap sensation from Atlanta, has been practicing his rap game since 2020. It's pretty cool that he started messing around with when he was just 7, trying stuff out, and perfecting his craft. But let's talk about what's going on right now – he's getting some serious attention, and it's not all sunshine and rainbows, especially with his latest track, “60 Miles 3,” a collab with . People are giving it the side-eye because of the unapologetically explicit lyrics. But hey, remember, is all about that street rap style, and in this genre, blunt language is part and parcel of artistic expression.

The young rapper's dedication to his art is truly remarkable, especially when you consider his age. Although his recent release caused some backlash due to its explicit content, it's crucial to take into account the genre he belongs to. Street rap and hip-hop have a history of raw and unfiltered expressions, and Lil RT is simply keepin' it real.

Despite his age, it's evident that Lil RT still needs some polishing in his music. Like a diamond in the rough, he has the potential to shine brightly with consistent effort and dedication. His collaboration with Doe Boy has already helped him gain recognition in the industry, with Doe Boy promoting the young talent on his social media accounts.

But not everyone was happy about Doe Boy backing up Lil RT. Social media was buzzing with negative comments, arguing that the explicit lyrics in their joint project were totally unsuitable for a 9-year-old. In reaction to these critiques, Doe Boy went on his social media accounts to stand up for the lil' man. He vented his frustration, stating, I've been seeing all the goddamn comments, and all the little posts and the little tweets just hating on the lil n**ga.”

Doe Boy continued to defend Lil RT by explaining, “All our young n**as act like that. They run around cussing bad as f*ck. So it's like… that sh*t just not really nothing too crazy. At least he's trying to do something positive tho due to rapping his going to change his life.” He praised Lil RT for directing his energy into music and advocated supporting this pursuit rather than criticizing it.


Doe Boy made it clear that in their neighborhood, Lil RT's actions weren't unusual. He explained that in their community, plenty of kids, including Lil RT, use explicit language. Doe Boy just wanted to show support for a young artist trying to create something positive in his challenging environment.

The Cleveland rapper's determination to steer Lil RT toward a more positive path was rock-solid. He made it clear that he wasn't endorsing violence but rather motivating the young artist to embrace his talents and avoid trouble, with the hope of improving his life. The key takeaway was that Doe Boy recognized Lil RT's potential for a brighter through music.

Notably, the “OH REALLY” rapper has actively supported Lil RT's song, “60 Miles 3,” which features Doe Boy himself. The rapper shared a snippet of the video on his Instagram page with a caption that clarifies his intentions: “P.S. I'm not endorsing violence involving children. Instead, I'm encouraging him to embrace his talent and steer clear of trouble, so he can truly transform his life before it's too late. 💯”


Doe Boy made it very clear that he was not promoting child violence but encouraging the young artist to embrace his talent and stay out of trouble, potentially changing his life for the better. The message was clear: Doe Boy saw the potential for Lil RT to have a more promising future through music.

However, the public response to this situation was divided. Some felt that Lil RT should focus on finishing elementary school before pursuing a career in rap. Others, though, recognized that everyone has their own path and destiny. If Lil RT's dream is to become a rapper and he's determined to pursue it, why not support him? After all, his dedication to music and his talent could lead to a successful career.


In the world of hip-hop, it's quite to come across young artists who fearlessly express themselves through explicit lyrics. This practice has deep historical roots, reaching back to earlier times when emerging talents, such as Shyheim, made their debut. Shyheim, a mere 14 years old at the time, made a significant impact on the industry with his hit song “On & On.” His success serves as just one example of a well-established tradition where up-and-coming artists, often in their youth, venture into the hip-hop realm, delivering lyrics that might raise a few eyebrows. This is a defining characteristic of street rap music, a genre celebrated for its unfiltered, raw expression.

In a world where dreams come in all shapes and sizes, it's essential to respect and support individuals who are passionate about their aspirations. While Lil RT's path may not align with everyone's mindset, his journey is his own, and he's determined to make the most of it.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience Lil RT's music, you can watch the music video right here below.

Lil RT & Doe Boy – 60 Miles 2

Written by: Silvia Tine

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