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Candace Owens Leaks Kim Kardashian’s Audio To Distract People From Her “White Lives Matter” Action

todayOctober 12, 2022 1245 48

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Kim Kardashian may have been a bit harsher than she intended when she left a voicemail for Ray J about his relationship with Whitney Houston. But let's be honest: what is more shocking – an old tape of being frustrated at her ex and Houston—or seeing Mrs. Owens wearing a T-shirt that reads “White Lives Matter”?

Owens' political motivations are clear: she believes family has too much influence over society and wants to use this recording to show people that Kim Kardashian is not a sweet person as everyone thinks she is.

In the audio recording, which was leaked by , Kim says that Ray J is “disgusting” for dating Whitney. The reality star then goes on to call Whitney a “crackhead.”

In a video Owens says about Kim: “This is a voicemail that she left Ray J where she's not the sweet little Kim that she presents today she is nasty she is calling Whitney Houston a crackhead and she is yelling at Ray J and this has landed on my lap.”

The voice you hear in the voicemail is Kim Kardashian's, and here are her words: “Ray it's Kim I just want you to know that I think you are so disgusting and desperate. Who leaves their email address on the machine? You clearly want people to call you but yet you won't call me back and actually, you know what? Don't call me back. Don't ever call me back. I never want to talk to you ever, ever again.”


Kim continues saying: “I think you honestly a sick human being. You're so desperate and do anything for attention and you're just so disgusting. Honestly so like have fun with those h*gs Whitney Houston she's so sick and crack is definitely not wack with you guys because you're just honestly it like makes me laugh at how disgusting you guys look.”

“You're okay yes with Whitney and you need to go hang out with your old friends and it's about right but it's okay. I'm definitely gonna make it anyway because you guys are just disgusting and sick and stuff. You're with her I don't understand it. But she's so old and sick and you are just sick and desperate: “she said.

It's not that we're not used to hearing celebrities talk about each other in a negative way—we've heard plenty of celebrities say bad things about each other in the past. Owens clearly wants to make Kim look bad by using this old audio, but she was recently spotted alongside Kanye West (who wore a “White Lives Matter” shirt during his fashion show in Europe) and both two were wearing shirts with the slogan.


Although we might like to ignore certain people, it's important to see what they're doing and why. One thing is very clear: the White Lives Matter supporter Owens cares about politics and votes. Let's be honest we don't give a f*ck in the real hip-hop world for the Kardashians or right-wing parties like Owens'.

In her next video, she began by saying the following words: “You know I get a lot of feedback from you guys about me covering and I will just want to state one more time. I'm never going to stop covering culture because it matters and it is because conservatives hold the opinion that it doesn't matter that we have lost so much ground to the left because we have not made any investments in talking about culture.”

While Candace Owens has criticized Kim Kardashian, saying: “She used black men to get where she is,” here you can see Miss Owens and her culture.

WATCH FULL Candace Owens video and her motive

Written by: Silvia Tine

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