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Chrisean Rock’s Parenting Under Fire Following Walmart Video Circulation

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, the mother of rapper 's child, is at the center of a heated social media storm. It all began when a of her shopping at Walmart sparked a wave of criticism and stirred doubts about her parenting skills.

The video, recorded by an onlooker, captured Rock shopping at Walmart. However, what truly captured attention was how she was carrying her baby in a sling. While baby slings are safe when used correctly, the footage revealed that Rock didn't have her baby secured properly. The infant's back appeared unsupported, and the baby seemed to dangle precariously, almost falling backward. In the video, Rock was seen distracted and tired, seemingly unaware of the danger her baby was in.

In response to the video, Rock took to her social media to address the concerns. She candidly admitted to making a mistake and expressed that she was still learning to be a parent. She said, “I love my baby. He's a good baby. I'm gonna tighten up straight up… Everybody makes mistakes.” She also expressed frustration with her baby's father, Blueface, for chiming in on social media and not providing the support she felt she needed.

Blueface, who is the father of Chrisean's child, responded to the controversy on , stating, “My last tweet had nothing to do with the Walmart video… Y'all said I was doing too much, so I backed off. She's gonna be okay.” He also acknowledged the challenges of parenthood, saying, “I know she's going through some, and it's not easy… Let's encourage her to be more accountable and responsible this time around.”

However, the drama didn't end there. Another video of Rock began circulating in which she expressed a desire to have another baby. This sparked further criticism, with many questioning her ability to care for a newborn while her parenting skills were already under scrutiny.

Perhaps the most significant confrontation came from Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold. In a video, she openly questioned Rock's parenting skills, expressing her displeasure at seeing her grandson, Chrisean Jr., in what she perceived as a dangerous situation. She stated, “Got my baby in the goddamn grocery store with the goddamn shit folded over, and he's doing a backbend like he's in the gymnastics already.”

Rock fired back at in a video of her own, saying, “You are acting like you want to get beat up again… This is not your grandbaby! It's my baby.” She accused Karlissa of seeking attention and criticized her for not being supportive. She went on to say, “Karlissa, you're being weird. This is why you'll never see your grandson because you're an evil individual.”

Saffold, isn't happy with how Rock takes care of her grandchild, and she might be genuinely worried about the little one's safety but the public nature of their conflict has turned it into a spectacle.

The ongoing feud between Rock and Blueface's family has garnered significant attention, with fans taking sides. But beyond the drama, there are crucial questions raised about Rock's parenting skills and the welfare of her newborn child.

Rock's situation shows that being famous and raising kids can be tricky. Most new parents make mistakes as they learn, but famous people like her have a harder time because everyone watches and judges everything they do, especially the media.

As Chrisean Rock keeps being a mom, people will still keep an eye on what she does. But most importantly, we need to ensure her child's safety and happiness, and we should engage in respectful and supportive conversations to help her improve as a parent.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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