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DJ Envy’s Wife Speaks Out Against Tyrese’s Inappropriate Behavior

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In a recent episode of , and his wife, Gia Casey, took to the morning show to address their feud with Tyrese Gibson. This dispute revolves around allegations of disrespectful and inappropriate behavior, which originated during 's efforts to help mend Envy and Gia's marriage in the past.

The conflict escalated when DJ Envy revealed that he had cut ties with Tyrese because of perceived disrespect towards his wife. During the earlier interview with Tyrese, DJ Envy's emotions ran high as he bluntly stated, “Some of the things you said, Tyrese, deserve me to box your mouth.”

In response to DJ Envy's claims, Tyrese produced evidence from their previous interactions to demonstrate that he had not been disrespectful, and their communication had not come to an abrupt halt as suggested. Tyrese explained, “I just sent her pictures of my Maybach, and we were communicating, but it was nothing disrespectful. I even shared news about me buying property in Turks and Caicos.”

Tyrese firmly believed that he was on a divine mission to help DJ Envy and his wife mend their troubled marriage, which had faced difficulties due to DJ Envy's past infidelity. He saw himself as a messenger chosen by a higher power to intervene and assist in their marital restoration.

However, despite Tyrese providing evidence of his innocence and good intentions, DJ Envy felt compelled to address the situation during the live Breakfast Club broadcast. He shared his point of view, saying that Tyrese tried to create problems by hinting that things would be better if Gia had chosen someone like him instead.

In the recent Breakfast Club episode the host decided to call his wife, Gia, to clarify why they believed Tyrese's behavior was disrespectful. Gia confirmed that there were indeed two occasions when they had distanced themselves from Tyrese. The first instance occurred many years ago when Tyrese's actions crossed boundaries and made her uncomfortable, prompting her to feel that lines were being crossed. She candidly admitted, “It became inappropriate and uncomfortable, with flirting and inappropriate compliments, considering I was a married woman.”

DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God kept saying how important it is to keep their marriage strong and to make sure people treat Gia with respect. They were clear that people should never go too far when it comes to someone's husband or wife.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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