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Drake Lookalike Receives A Warning Letter From OVO Sound

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It's no secret that Drake is an artist who values his work, and he's not afraid to take action when someone is damaging his brand.

In a cease and desist letter, OVO Sound, the record label of threatened to sue his impersonator, IzzyyDrake. He's had enough of the lookalike fabricating media that portrays him and his label “in factually untrue ways,” according to the letter.

The letter warned IzzyyDrake to stop referring to himself as a member of the OVO entertainment crew and using their trademark, or else they would take legal action.

The letter from OVO Sound reads as follows:

“Dear IzzyyDrake,

This letter serves as notice of your unauthorized use of the trademark OVO to promote your brand and likeness, as well as your unauthorized fabrication of media which is Per Se damaging and defamatory to our brand. Your conducted actions are unwarranted, unwelcome, and unacceptable.

In addition, this shall serve as a pre-suit letter demanding that you provide us written assurance within 7 days that you will cease and desist from making any further factually untrue statements involving OVO SOUND and or Drake and that you will no longer fabricate media that portrays the aforementioned Trademarks.”


In response to the cease and desist letter Izzyy posted a copy on his Instagram page with this caption:

“Happy birthday to the greatest artist in history and my biggest inspiration. I got this cease and desist letter from OVO a couple of days ago and as a respectful b-day gift to @champagnepapi I changed my name from IzzyyDrake to Izzyyfamous.”

Three days before the OVO letter was posted, the impersonator shared a video of himself giving his OVO chain away to a stranger. He captioned this video with:

“I followed DJ Akademik's advice and changed my name from Izzyydrake to Izzyyfamous!!! You guys can stop calling me Fakedrake. I even gave my OVO chain away to a stranger at the park! @Champagnepapi told me to circle back around once I rebranded so hopefully I can repair the relationship. It's not ab OVO TING anymore. How y'all like the new name? Leave a comment below and go follow my new clone artist @izzyysnoop.”

In the video you see him approaching a complete stranger and saying to him:

“Yo, what's going on bro? I'm tired to be called the fake drake man” I'm just going by Izzy now. My own idol doesn't even like me anymore so I'm just gonna give you this chain…”


The lookalike obsession continues when he shared the following post:

“@Champagnepapi sent me a DM and said he sees himself in me! I'm sorry I let you down big bro, it's not a big ovo ting anymore. Happy birthday again Drizzy, I know you busy celebrating but thank you for everything!”

We don't understand why he thinks Drake sees himself in him when the message from Drake reads differently. Here's what it says:

“You got my message, but do you get the message? Seeing myself get beat up in round one, I could see you lose your glory, maybe if you had won, It would be a different story.

IzzyyDrake's rise to fame came when Tory Lanez spotted a guy who looked just like Drake in a nightclub in Miami and posted the photo on social media tagging it with the real-life version of the rapper.

At first, it all seemed like a funny joke that would soon blow over. Then something strange happened: the Drake lookalike became an internet sensation.

IzzyyDrake started to take his role as a copycat too seriously. During interviews he made weird statements about the real Drake, claiming that Drake was impersonating him.


During an interview with Adam from , the faker also claimed that he was making $5K by touring. Impersonating the real rapper because people couldn't afford to pay the real Drake, and they were paying him just to show up at their parties!

The Toronto rapper never made a big deal about this, but Drake eventually became annoyed by the impersonator. The lookalike was taking his role too seriously—making that sounded as if it were Drake's own compositions instead of just imitating him.

Drake's patience evaporated when his lookalike challenged him to a $1 million celebrity boxing match.

The lookalike took to Instagram Live to challenge Drake to a boxing match, saying that if he wins then the OVO founder will have to sing him to his record label. In response, to the challenge, Drake offered him a slap for free. [WATCH]

In his Instagram video, he said“It's your boy IzzyyDrake, OVO tings, you already know we outside. I just signed with Celebrity Boxing. August 27th, I'm calling Drake out for a friendly boxing match. If I win, you gotta sign me to OVO you gotta give me a million dollars. If you win, I'll change my name. It's an OVO ting, you already know.”

Written by: Silvia Tine

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