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Drake Named As The Killer In XXXTentacion Murder Trial By Defense

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The trial of the three individuals accused of the murder of the late rapper XXXTentacion officially kicked off on Tuesday, February 7th, at the Broward County Courthouse in Florida. Michael Boatwring, Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome are facing charges of first-degree murder and armed robbery for their alleged involvement in the death of the rapper, whose real name was Jahsey Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy. Robert Allen, a fourth suspect, had also been charged with the murder, but he agreed to a plea deal and is set to testify against his former associates.

Dedrick Williams (26) accused of being the driver

According to prosecutors, surveillance footage from RIVA Motorsports in Deerfield Beach shows Williams, who is easily recognizable due to his distinctive facial tattoos, behind the wheel of the SUV that was used in the murder. Boatwright's attorney has instead pointed to a third individual who was seen talking inside the motorcycle store just before the shooting and has a similar build as his client. The defense argues that this individual could have entered the SUV outside the view of the cameras.

As the murder trial of begins, new evidence has been released that sheds light on the rapper's activities before his death. A video has emerged showing XXXTentacion withdrawing $50,000 from a bank, just moments before he was killed in 2018. This footage provides a crucial insight into the rapper's state of mind and actions leading up to his tragic death. The significance of this video and its impact on the trial remains to be seen, but it is likely to play a key role in the proceedings moving forward.

During the trial, the defense attorneys made a shocking claim, alleging that Drake was the real killer behind the murder of XXXTentacion. The defense referred to a social media post made by the rapper, in which he stated that if anyone killed him, it would be . The prosecution countered that there is no evidence linking Drake to the shooting and that Williams is clearly visible in the surveillance footage.

The defendant stated, “Before X died, he said if anybody kills me it's Drake. And do you think that for one moment here today, days after the event he was killed by two masked men? He came out on social media and said ‘God is for you guys if anybody kills me is Drake.' Do you think in that time spent that they went, that they addressed them, they talked to them? No. Do you think sitting here today, years later, any detective has ever asked about Drake or anybody? No, they never did that,” he continued.

‘The reason that she (Cleopatra Bernard) wanted security with Mr. Onfroy on the day he was shot was because of the issues he had with Drake and Migos.' The defendant continued, ‘She's going to tell you that.”

The defense attorney appeared to be utilizing a strategy of implicating Drake as a potential suspect in the case. The defense attorney sought to cast doubt on the prosecution's case by highlighting the rapper's possible involvement and suggesting that Drake was an enemy of XXXTentacion.

The trial is ongoing, and the testimony of XXXTentacion's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, is expected to be of significant importance. Bernard, who reportedly sought security for her son on the day of the shooting, is set to take the stand in the coming days. The world is following the trial closely, eagerly awaiting the outcome and the truth behind the rapper's tragic death.

interaction with Dedrick Williams

The defense lawyer has previously referenced rapper Kodak Black in relation to the case.. According to press sources, Dedrick D. Williams's lawyer has requested records and footage from Kodak Black's most recent three-day incarceration, raising suspicions that the two convicts may have had a chance to converse. At this time, it is unclear if this information will be used in the trial.

During Kodak Black's three days in the Broward County jail, Kodak interacted with XXXTentacion's murderer and there is footage. Mauricio Padilla the defense attorney of Dedrick called the subpoenaed records “vital” to prove Williams' innocence.

xxxTentacion's sister claims rapper's murder was set up 

Ariana, the sister of XXXTentacion, has previously expressed her opinion on her brother's death and considers it to be a result of an inside job. She stated, “It definitely was an inside job because of how calculated the whole thing was. Those killers knew that he was going to be there, someone… there's somebody in the inside that knew where he was going to be at that exact time and when he was leaving that exact time for them to know when to come and to do what they did.”

According to Ariana, the murder was for financial gain and she added, “At that time in his life, he was trying to change, I don't remember him being in any type of controversy with anyone at that time so it was for financial gain. I don't know what other reason it could've possibly been for. What could've been more important than someone's life?”

The late rapper's sister also claimed that she has been banned from visiting her brother's grave for speaking out about the murder. She revealed, “It's even gone as far as that I can no longer visit my brother's cemetery, I can no longer visit his grave site due to them trying to do anything to break me down, to keep me fearful of them.”

For XXXTentacion's fans, she said, ” I want you guys to remember the positive things that my brother has left behind for you guys. Remember him as a person as well, he wasn't perfect but he was still such a beautiful person. So remember him as a young man who was trying to change and didn't get a chance to do so.”

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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