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Finesse2Tymes challenges Wack 100’s credibility amid snitching claims

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recently took to his instagram live to address comments made by Wack 100, who accused him of snitching. In a passionate response, Finesse2Tymes explained his own experiences and questioned Wack 100's credibility.

During his live stream, Finesse2Tymes articulated the following thoughts: “Hey Wack 100, bro, I've been to Cali two, three times, bro. Outside, bro, you hear me? Bro, you can't even go to your own hood, bro. None of your homies even respect you bro, you hear me?

He continued, “It's known that you moved with the feds, bro. It's known that you got the FED securing when you there. It's known that you got the FED securing every spot that you there, bro. You win on the internet, but every time I'm in Cali, where you popping out at? Why you ain't in no ? Why you ain't in no functions? Why you ain't nowhere but behind a microphone?”

Finesse2Tymes then challenged Wack 100's street credibility, stating, “Cause you a b****, and it's just that on it. And you can say whatever you want to say about me, you can talk all this s*** you want, you can go on there and pop, do whatever you want to do for your views. But guess what? I can go to Chicago, I can go to the land and go get real love from the ministers. You can't do that, homie. Your own hood don't respect you, homie.”

He concluded by pointing out the contrast between himself and Wack 100, asserting, “We two different men. You a old h** that's all you is, and you done learn how to play the blogs and real people in and say s*** about certain people and gangers and don't even be outside.”


This response comes after Wack 100 recently made statements warning about working with Finesse2Tymes after alleged snitch paperwork surfaced. Wack 100, known for his outspoken nature, has taken his with Finesse2Tymes to new levels, even involving the rapper's mother in the discourse.

Reports suggest that Finesse2Tymes's mother was arrested earlier this year for money laundering. Wack 100 didn't hesitate to bring this personal matter into the public eye, sharing his mother's mugshot on social media with a warning directed at Finesse2Tymes.

“WARNING @Finesse2Tymes IS IN A DESPERATE SITUATION. HE NEEDS TO CLEAR HIS MOMMA OF THESE CHARGES. HEY BOZO TAKE DAT 100K U HAD ON ME AND PUT IT INTO YA MOMMAS BAIL or LEGAL…STREETS! WARNED YOU @jprincerespect Still doing business with a know [rat emoji],” Wack 100 wrote alongside the photo.

The posers already showed all the victims and paperwork. When I interviewed and did business with @ they had a whole lot to say. I stood on my square and still do business with the man. As long as you're not a pedo , rapist or elderly abuse I don't care what you did to somebody ima do my business and keep it moving. Now yall said No way i'm wrong @jprincejr WHY HAVNT YOU DROPPED THIS ARTIST ‼️ YALL SAID THIS WAS THE WAY DONT GET QUIET NOW #freehoneycombbrazy @ #lookinglikeyaMOMMA looking ass [joy emoji] looking ass [joy emoji]

Despite Wack 100's pressure, it's unclear how J Prince and others will react to the allegations. Wack 100's tactics have sparked debate, with some questioning the appropriateness of involving family members in feuds..

Nevertheless, Wack 100 appears undeterred, continuing to push for repercussions against Finesse2Tymes. This latest development adds to the tangled web of their ongoing beef, keeping fans and onlookers eagerly waiting for what happens next.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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