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Foolio Sparks Feud with YK Osiris Over NBA YoungBoy Incident

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A long-forgotten controversy involving R&B singer YK Osiris has resurfaced as fellow rapper Julio Foolio accused him of playing a part in an from years ago. took to social media to share his side of the story, claiming that Osiris provided him with the location of 's hotel room during a heated confrontation.

The incident in question occurred a few years back, but it seems it's been on Foolio's mind lately. In a video posted on his social media, Foolio can be heard passionately recounting the events. He stated that when they arrived at the hotel in Jacksonville, Osiris allegedly gave them the room number for NBA YoungBoy, which ultimately led to a confrontation.

However, Osiris wasn't going to stay quiet in the face of these accusations. He fired back on his Instagram, expressing his frustration and disbelief at Foolio's claims. In a video, Osiris defended himself, saying, “Lame bro, I got to get on here myself every freaking time I be chilling, drinking my margarita, want to come up here and cap and get clickbaits, man. Leave me the fuck out of that.”

Osiris continued to assert that he had no involvement in any drama and encouraged Foolio to “stand on your own” and not drag him into the situation. He expressed his dismay at being brought into the public eye for something he claims to have no connection to.

The feud between these two artists may seem sudden, but some folks in the industry think it's just a ploy to grab attention. reached out to both parties for their thoughts, but as of now, Julio Foolio hasn't officially explained why he's digging up this old incident.

This isn't the first time Osiris has found himself in hot water unrelated to his career. Recently, he made headlines when a barber accused him of not paying for a haircut. The barber took to her social media to spill the tea, captioning her video with, “I traveled all the way to this man twice. Weird activity. I'm not Drake; I don't want to see you perform.”

In her video, she said the following: ” I got to y'all know. I cut my first celebrity client YK Osiris last week. I charging $150 for the cut to cut. He paid me $200 and tipped me $50 no complaints but yeah hit me up to come line him up last Tuesday. I went to line him up. I charged him a hundred dollars for the lineup he hit me with the all right I'ma cash at you instantly. At that moment I knew. I was like …”

In response to the accusations made by the barber, YK Osiris didn't mince his words. He expressed his frustration and made it clear that he wouldn't let anyone tarnish his name. Osiris emphasized that he was aware of his past actions but stressed the importance of not allowing anyone to play with his reputation.

Regarding the haircut incident, he pointed out that he had paid a significant amount, in the range of three to four hundred dollars, and found it unfair to be questioned about a mere hundred dollars, especially when the barber had applied products to his hair. He criticized the world for its treatment of celebrities, suggesting they often don't receive the benefits they should.

Osiris also hinted at a broader issue within the industry, where those seeking the spotlight often face scrutiny and exploitation. He called out the hypocrisy of receiving attention when things go wrong but not receiving acknowledgment when the situation is resolved.

In the age of social media, it's not uncommon for old feuds and controversies to resurface, and it seems YK Osiris is determined to distance himself from the drama. Only time will tell whether this will continue to simmer or if it'll fade away as quickly as it appeared.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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