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Hardo Talks About Collaboration with Wiz Khalifa in Exclusive Interview

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Pittsburgh-born rapper Hardo recently sat down for an exclusive interview with ATL Billboard, discussing his latest projects, collaborations, and personal growth. The talented artist, who is admired for his genuine and unfiltered style, opened up about his personal journey and revealed the hidden talent thriving in Pittsburgh's hip-hop scene.

's most recent release, a music video featuring fellow Pittsburgh rapper Wiz Khalifa, showcases their shared roots and mutual support. The track, titled “Slangn KK,” pays homage to 's popular strain, KK, which has gained recognition and popularity beyond the artist himself. Hardo explained that the collaboration was an opportunity to bring attention to the street and various aspects of , showcasing the unity between artists from different sides of the city.

Reflecting on his introduction to the music industry, Hardo revealed that he had long admired Wiz Khalifa, considering him a role model in the early stages of his career. Hardo's journey began around 2011, simply as a pastime among his peers. However, once he started rapping, his raw talent quickly gained recognition and his city rallied behind him. From his first drill video, “Cut Throat,” to his subsequent WorldStarHipHop feature, Hardo's career ignited, thanks in part to the support and influence of artists like Wiz Khalifa and .

Hardo recognized the immense talent in the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene. Even though Pittsburgh is often overlooked, he highlighted the contributions of artists like the late Jimmy Wopo, Teflon, and Trillzee. Hardo also acknowledged that the city's small size and limited entertainment options sometimes lead to tense situations and unfortunate violence in the nightlife. However, despite these challenges, Hardo remains determined to bring attention to the talent and struggles within his community.


When asked about Pittsburgh's geographical classification, Hardo categorized it as a Midwest city. Although it may be closer to the East Coast cities like New York and Philadelphia, its proximity to Cleveland and Detroit places it within the Midwest region. Hardo further emphasized the need for recognition and respect for Pittsburgh's hip-hop scene, given the notable contributions of artists like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller.

Discussing his recent music videos, Hardo mentioned collaborations with and GT. Hardo's connection with GT, a fellow artist from Detroit, resulted from their mutual respect and appreciation for each other's work. Hardo praised GT's talent and expressed how genuine artists always find a way to connect.

As for his plans, Hardo revealed that he is currently working on a new project. While keeping the project's details under wraps, he assured fans that it would showcase growth and maturity, while staying true to his core identity. Hardo expressed the importance of evolving as an artist and person, and how this project would reflect his personal growth and new perspectives.

In his interview with ATL Billboard, Hardo shares his story as a rapper, discussing the support he received from experienced artists in the industry and the strength of Pittsburgh's hip-hop scene. Fans can be excited about his upcoming project, which will offer a new outlook while staying true to Hardo's distinctive style.


Hardo & Wiz Khalifa – Slangn KK

We're also excited to share Hardo's recent success on ! His latest song “Slangn KK” featuring Wiz Khalifa is making a huge impact in the music industry. It quickly became the “Top Track Of The Day” in May and has been gaining even more popularity ever since. Right now, “Slangn KK” is charting on Dilemaradio's hip-hop music chart.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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