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Ice Spice’s New Song “Think You the Sh*t (Fart)” Gets the Candace Owens Treatment

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Conservative political commentator and television presenter has shifted her focus from politics to the world of entertainment, specifically targeting emerging artist and her controversial song, “Think You the Fart.”

Owens began by recalling Ice 's previous media attention when Taylor Swift invited the artist on stage after a public dispute with a frontman from another band. Now, Ice Spice is back in the limelight with her unconventional song, and Owens didn't hold back in sharing her opinions.

During the podcast, Owens remarked, “So there's an artist named Ice Spice. I saw her in the news last year because, uh, this was when I think was dating the front man. I am sorry, I don't know the name of his band. I should know. Long story short, he said something bad about Ice Spice on his show. Taylor Swift, in a PR move, invited Ice Spice onto the stage.”

Owens then played a clip of Ice Spice's latest song, “You Think You The Sh*t (Fart),” and expressed her disapproval, stating, “I think we can all admit that we've fallen as a society. I mean, I wouldn't say that was Mozart or Beethoven, but I'm not all of these mainstream media publications that routinely rush to defend this kind of .”

Taking a jab at the mainstream media, Owens criticized the tendency to glorify controversial music and lyrics. She highlighted a particular article from hotnewhiphop.com that defended Ice Spice's song, describing her as a “rap sensation on a meteoric rise.” Owens sarcastically remarked, “This is the reason that nobody reads this crap anymore. You lie about the big stuff, and you lie about the dumb stuff.”

The article from hotnewhiphop.com praised Ice Spice's song for its “bold declaration of assertive self-confidence and superiority,” citing the use of direct and unapologetic language to establish dominance over peers. Owens, however, dismissed the positive spin, reiterating her stance that the song is far from a masterpiece.

In a humorous note, Owens expressed her desire to live in a society where everyone acknowledges that a song titled “You Think You The Sh*t (Fart)” is, in fact, itself a “fart.” She concluded her critique by questioning the current state of society and its taste in music.

Ultimately, Candace Owens throwing shade at Ice Spice's track “You Think You The Sh*t (Fart)” gives us a glimpse into the crossover of entertainment and politics. It highlights Owens' knack for maneuvering through the media scene. She's got us pondering society's music taste and contemplating the bigger cultural impact of out-of-the-box artistic expressions.

Despite the mainstream media's efforts to hype up Ice Spice's song, Owens sticks to her guns, insisting on the importance of keeping a eye on the changing terrain of both entertainment and societal values.

Owens has been on this kick of going after young artists and their music lately. Remember a few months back when she took aim at Lil RT, that nine-year-old rapper making waves with his music video and catching flak for his explicit lyrics? Owens dropped a video called โ€œTHIS Is What Is Wrong With Black ,โ€ where she spilled her thoughts on the kid's content, and it set off a whole debate.

Just like with Ice Spice, Owens threw shade at , diving into what she thinks is a bigger issue in America โ€“ kids being exposed to explicit stuff. Lil RT's drama isn't just about his lyrics; it's about the grown-ups seemingly cheering on his wild content. Owens isn't holding back her bold views on cultural stuff, pushing folks to think about how adults influence the creative journeys of these young talents.

In response to Owens' critique, Lil RT, allegedly illiterate, fired back with a video, saying, โ€œShe needs to be quiet, cuz they all up in my silk. They always trying to stop my music.โ€ The child rapper's response raised eyebrows and intensified the ongoing debate.

Social media is split on this, with some having Candace Owens' back, thinking she's bringing up a real societal problem. On the flip side, there's a bunch criticizing her, saying she's going after a kid who might not really get what's going on. The talk is getting heated, with folks throwing shade at Owens, accusing her of just using the situation to boost her podcast.

With all the buzz around Ice Spice and Lil RT, people are talking about Candace Owens dipping her toes into the music scene. Some say she should stick to what she knows best โ€“ politics. On the flip side, there are those who think she's onto something by shining a light on societal issues. It brings up the classic debate โ€“ should artists be left alone to chase their dreams, or is it fair game to critique them, especially when their content raises eyebrows? The argument rages on.

In the end, Candace Owens jumping into the music scene makes you wonder about how much sway public figures have in shaping cultural stories and guiding young artists. With all the drama still playing out, we're left to see just how much Owens' words will actually affect the budding careers and lives of these up-and-coming artists.

Watch Candace Owens reaction video to Ice Spice song “You Think You The Sh*t (Fart)

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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