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Joe Budden Slams K-Pop Group BTS On His Podcast

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BTS Fans Are Not Amused By 's Recent Comments On Their Group

It's no secret that Joe Budden loves to talk. In a recent podcast episode, Budden made headlines when he expressed his hate for the South Korean K-Pop group BTS.

During the podcast, Budden said, “I hate them.” This caused an outcry on social media, where fans of the South Korean band said that was offensive and ignorant. The comment about the K-Pop group BTS turned the internet upside down.

Budden made the comment while talking about BTS with his co-hosts Ice and Ish on the show.

“I don't like them,” said Budden. “I hate them.”

When Budden's co-host asked him the reason for the hate Joe responded by saying: “I don't want to hear that shit. I don't want to see them dance moves. I don't want to see you come down in the sky in a little umbrella. I don't want to see your four fuckin' co-tees come from the audience and link up like Voltron and do all of the 98 Degrees moves. I don't want to see it.”


The backlash was swift on social media, where fans of the group took to to voice their anger at Budden's comments. One fan summed up her feelings by saying “Joe Budden is such a b**h ass hater. i mean…there's nothing wrong with not liking BTS, everyone has different tastes and all…but the ignorant comments he made was just so unnecessary.”

A BTS fan tweeted, “He's so old that he can't relate to new artists.”

Joe took to Twitter, saying he couldn't believe he was being harassed by the BTS Army for his musical opinions. Budden tweeted: ” Like ima get bullied outta my music opinion lol.”


Budden was called “washed up” by several fans, while others slammed him for referring to BTS as “Chinese.”

BTS fan @sammelsurium7 tweeted: “joe budden pulling shit about bts out his ass, but he sure knew every little detail of their grammy performance. that's a lot of attention paid to someone you supposedly ‘hate' for no goddamn reason. jealousy is a disease and joe budden is one step away from the grave.”

You can see the BTW Army tweets continue, as well as many others.


Joe Budden & Hip-Hop

believes this is an unfair way to treat one of the most prominent minds of hip-hop today, and here's why:

In the past years, Budden has spoken up against rappers like Drake, and Nicki Minaj and his clear disdain for BTS has been controversial, to say the least.

Our hip-hop radio station believes Budden to be one of the realest out there. Not just a caricature or music industry pariah. And in the end, Dilemaradio doesn't think anyone can argue with the fact that Joe has made a positive impact on Hip-Hop.

Joe has always been honest, even when it's unpopular. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he should be celebrated for that. If Joe didn't like BTS, it's his right to say so. It's a free country.


Budden is one of the most respected names in hip-hop today, and his opinions are definitely worth listening to. If you want to understand what the true essence of hip-hop really is, then listen to the Budden podcast “The Joe Budden Podcast“. If Joe makes his point loud enough and clear enough, then you'll understand that he speaks for many who want to know what it means to be real about hip-hop music.

The Internet is too sensitive nowadays. There are people who get offended by everything, and Joe shouldn't have to put up with that. He has a right to express his opinion without being treated like garbage by the media and the BTS army.

Who is BTS?

BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a South Korean K-Pop group that debuted in 2013 under Big Hit Entertainment and has since become one of the biggest acts in the world.

The group consists of seven members: RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. They are known for their unique pop music sound as well as their lyrics which reflect on society and youth .

The group was formed in 2010 by Big Hit Entertainment and released their debut single album 2 Cool 4 Skool on June 12th, 2013. They have had great success since then with both their albums and singles reaching the top of the Oricon charts in Japan. Their popular album Love Yourself: Her reached number 7 on the Billboard 200 chart making them the highest-charting K-pop group ever.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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  1. Ruth Fischer on April 8, 2022

    Does he deserve respect? usually? likely… but…

    this comment about being Chinese? sorry… that is racist!

    And you could argue that BTS has done far more for Hiphop than he even dreamed of. I have never heard his name but BTS discographie? Even when the West pretends they don’t exist?

    “Ugh” is a song aout anger – healthy and unhealthy

    “Ddaeng” is a song that plays with haters and words

    “The Last” (Agust D) is biographic and about dark feelings but also dealing with it

    “Nevermind” is encouraging to move forward

    “Bangtan means to be resistant to bullets: So it means to block out stereotypes and expectations that rain down on adolescents like bullets to preserve the value and ideals of todays adolescents.”

    The rapline has to their regular music their mixtapes which are also aknowledged by the Hiphop community:

    RM has “P.D.D.” on his first mixtape. The track was made by Warren G and RM is the lyricst. He – like Suga – comes from the Korean underground Hiphop scene and has an IQ of 148 and is known for his poetic way with words.

    Reducing their discogrphie of ca. 300 songs to their 3 english ones? not very smart.

    Songs like “Bapsae”/”Silverspoon” or “Am I wrong” are actually political dangerous.

    Try bby gang mag’s video esseys on youtube to understand why Army think he is closeminded. There is a reason why Time Magazine thinks BTS and HYBE/Big Hit are changing the world and are 1 of the 100 most innovative companies out there.

    A short vid by XCeleste “This is BTS” and maybe her updated hardhip video (2021) would also help.

    Best would be “The Rise of Bangtan”-Series.

    If you don’t understand a song more often than not there are explenation videos like those of DKDKTV. Because taking them at face value? is actually very naive. They are known for their authenticity, wanting their messages to be heard and Hiphop is a part of that. They just don’t let themselves be boxed in by a label. (Their skill level can be admired in their early “Cypher” series)

    Thank you. Have a nice day!


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