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Joe Budden’s Unfiltered Thoughts on NBAYoungBoy and Sexyy Red’s New Music

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In the latest episode of 's podcast, the outspoken host didn't hold back as he shared his unfiltered thoughts on some of the industry's biggest names. From labeling as a “trash rapper” to reacting to a bold claim that sings better than , Joe provided listeners with no shortage of headline-worthy moments.

NBA YoungBoy: A Harsh Critique

Joe Budden didn't mince words when it came to his assessment of NBA YoungBoy's latest music. The podcast host asserted, “That n**ga is trash, he is horrible, he is really, really, really, really bad.” According to Budden, YoungBoy's initial rise to popularity was orchestrated by label tactics, manipulating YouTube views to create a false sense of success.

The co-hosts on the podcast pressed Joe for more details, asking, “What's the truth?” To which he clarified, “I'm talking about his music. I don't know him as a person.” Budden pointed out that with the label's influence diminished, YoungBoy's recent projects while on house arrest in Utah have not lived up to the hype, leading him to dub the rapper as simply “horrible.”

According to Budden, Youngboy's initial rise to fame was orchestrated by the label, using strategic YouTube tactics to boost his popularity. Joe argued that this manufactured success led to an inflated perception of Youngboy's talent, especially among younger audiences who were swayed by the numbers rather than the quality of the music.

Moreover, Budden pointed out the apparent decline in the quality of Youngboy's music since gaining more creative control. He highlighted a recent single, expressing his inability to connect with the track and drawing a clear distinction between Youngboy's earlier work and his current output.

Recently, NBA Youngboy responded on his social media to Joe's commentary on his music. He invited Joe to Grave Digger Mountain for a face-to-face discussion, and in the video, YoungBoy strongly expresses his disagreement with Joe's views.

's “Free My N**ga” and the Evolution of an Artist

Joe Budden's spotlight turned towards Sexyy Red‘s latest track, “Free My N**ga,” which has gained notable traction on social media. However, instead of celebrating the success, Budden and his co-hosts took a critical stance, providing listeners with a candid evaluation of the song and shedding light on what seems to be a pivotal moment in Sexyy Red's artistic evolution.

Joe Budden's Blunt Verdict

Famous for speaking his mind, Budden didn't hold back in sharing his disappointment with “Free My N**ga.” He straight-up said, “Nothing about this song is cool,” cutting through any sugarcoating. This clear rejection was a stark contrast to the praise usually given to Sexyy Red's earlier work.

Joe Budden co-host Ice's Evolving Perspective

Ice, the podcast's co-host, jumped into the conversation with a thoughtful take on how Sexyy Red's music has changed over time. He pointed out how we often think something is cool at first, only to start wondering if it's really worth it later on. Ice described the initial allure of Sexyy Red's music as getting caught up in a moment, but he confessed that what was cool back then now seemed like ‘too much'. This change in how he saw things paved the way for a more critical look at Sexyy Red's newest creation.

Joe Budden's Disillusionment

The main with “Free My N**ga” was all about how Joe saw it. He went on, saying, “This is just terrible. It's trash. The verses, the hook, none of it's cool.” He really drove home the point that the song felt like Sexyy Red stepping away from her usual vibe, and he thought it didn't have the realness that made her earlier stuff so good.

Artistic Crossroads: A Reach Too Far?

Budden pointed out that “Free My N**ga” didn't sound like a song that Sexyy Red would organically create. He questioned the artistic choices made, especially considering her prior success. The term “reach” was used to describe the perceived disconnect between the artist's usual style and the creative direction taken with this particular song. It was implied that the track felt forced and out of sync with Sexyy Red's established musical identity.

In the grand scheme of things, Sexyy Red is appreciated for her unique persona and the fearless attitude she brings to the table. Everyone loves that she doesn't care about what people say. Initially gaining popularity more for the humor than the music, the evolving narrative suggests that, as she releases more songs, people are realizing she might not have the best rap or singing skills.

This isn't an uncommon story in the music industry, where artists can capture sympathy from fans based on their image rather than musical prowess. As Sexyy Red gains more popularity, the critique of her music becomes more pronounced. However, there's a glimmer of hope with the guidance she currently has. Perhaps, with the right people around her, she can improve. At the end of the day, it's not about disliking Sexyy Red; there's genuine support for her as a performer. The hope is that her circle helps her grow and refine her musical craft.

Drake vs. Michael Jackson: The Worst Take of the Year

The podcast also touched on controversial statements made by Jeff Teague, who claimed that Drake sings better than the legendary Michael Jackson. In response, Budden labeled it as “the worst take” he had heard and criticized Teague for undermining the iconic status of Michael Jackson. He played the audio clip where Jeff Teague asserted, “Michael Jackson could not sing,” prompting strong reactions from Budden.

Expressing his disappointment, Joe Budden addressed Jeff Teague directly, stating, “You're a better man than that. Don't say no stupid sh*t like that. You know you're my man. Don't do that again.” He further emphasized his respect for Teague and the podcast but stood firm on his disagreement with the controversial take on Michael Jackson's singing abilities.

As the podcast kept stirring things up on social media, it was clear that a lot of people felt the same way as Joe Budden. YouTubers, fans, and folks on social media were all on the same page, expressing shock and disbelief. Everyone seemed to agree that saying Michael Jackson can't sing was just plain ridiculous.

Jeff Teague's claim that Drake sings better than Michael Jackson stirred up a huge debate. Michael Jackson fans went wild on social media, expressing their disbelief and anger. The online commotion didn't stay limited to the podcast—it became a massive uproar across digital platforms.

After the whole thing went down, it was obvious that the argument didn't just stay on the podcast; it blew up into a bigger discussion. Online, people were going crazy with debates, memes, and reactions. The bottom line was crystal clear: Michael Jackson is a musical legend, no questions asked, and anyone trying to say otherwise got a strong backlash.

YouTuber Lions Ground reacts to Jeff Teague, the host of the Club 520 Podcast, who claims that Michael Jackson cannot sing

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