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King Harris Calls Out DaBaby and Sexyy Red’s Big Bucks Demands for a Feature

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Atlanta, GA – King Harris, the 18-year-old son of rapper , had a candid chat on Instagram Live that got everyone talking. He spilled the beans about how asked him for a whopping $100,000 just for a verse in a song. And if that wasn't enough, Sexyy Red wanted $50,000.

Harris, known for his honest and unfiltered demeanor, took to Instagram Live to air his thoughts on the pricing strategies. “People just got down thinking too much about the money, man,” he shared during the Live session. He then dove into the story about how both DaBaby and Sexxy Red dropped some heavy digits on him, leaving him scratching his head and feeling some kind of way.

“I don't see me doing that, you know? … DaBaby tried to charge me a hundred,” Harris explained, addressing the perplexing pricing disparities.

While the $100,000 ask from a high-profile artist like DaBaby could be understood to some extent, Harris' bewilderment grew when he mentioned Sexxy Red's demand of $50,000, given the artist's relatively new presence in the scene.

But that's not all. King also got people chatting about his new smile. He shared a video on August 17, showing off his brand-new teeth. They're super white and even have diamonds on the bottom row. But, some people on the internet started poking fun and saying his teeth looked like comedian 's teeth!

, 's mom, recently got her teeth done by the renowned Dr. Montoya, a celebrity favorite in the cosmetic dentistry world. Dr. Montoya is the go-to guy for those million-dollar smiles that light up the red carpet.

Dr. Mario Montoya isn't just some regular dentist. He's the genius behind those jaw-dropping grins that Hollywood can't get enough of. With years of experience, he's the pro at making smiles shine. He's transformed the teeth of big shots like , Rick Ross, , and , earning him the title of the ultimate teeth guru.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. King Harris himself went to the same dentist, but it seems like people weren't all that thrilled with how it turned out.

T.I., King Harris's dad, had a chat recently with DJ Diamond Kuts and shared his two cents on King's now-viral teeth adventure. T.I. showed respect for the process King went through to rock his new look. While they had a light-hearted chat about King's playful new moniker, “Chief Teeth,” there was an unexpected twist. T.I. and Tiny's youngest, Heiress Harris, jumped into the convo from off-camera, defending her big brother with a cute, “Don't talk about my brother like that!” Her comment added even more giggles to the mix.

Tiny Harris, King's mom, also took a stand against the online teasing, showing her positive vibes in the caption of the video. She put down her thoughts, writing: “Would like to thank Dr. Mario Montoya for giving King a Billion Dollar Smile. Had to post slide 2 for the Big Teeth Patrol to show his smile been asf before; they're just white now.Either way, he loves them and that's all that matters! Regardless to what he does, everyone always seem to have their personal perspective of him, which is fine. But y'all don't really know him frfr.. Make sure you get your tickets to the WildFest‼️‼️ Friday, August 25th “

In response to the haters, King shared a video. He said, “Ay bro, listen, calm down, bruh. Your b*tch ain't going nowhere she still gone be there I don't want her.”

As King Harris gets ready to turn 19 on August 25, he's become the talk of the town. Whether he's speaking up about how the music business works or laughing off the jokes about his teeth, King's showing that he's not afraid to be himself, even when things get a little funny or tricky.

King hit up his Instagram and released a video to get the buzz going for his upcoming Wild Fest. He paired it with this caption: “WE SHUTTING DA CITY DOWN AUG 25 & 26 GO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW‼️”

In the video, King dropped some names of the artists showing up to celebrate his birthday bash. He shouted out Boosie Badazz, Tootie Raww, T.I., Mariah The Scientist, and more who'll be tearing up the stage with him.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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