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AOB Kc – Kc 2 Fast


I just pray I make it home

They rather see me gone

I poured this remmy in my cup I don’t fw patron



West side aob


I just pray I pray I make it home they rather see me gone

I just pray I Okay



I just pray I make it home

They rather see me gone

I poured this remmy in my cup I don’t fw patron

Nigga if it’s

love Why you snake me

You know that you wrong

They only show u

love when u got it & see that you on

Bitch I gotta stand my grounds

Don’t come in my zone

Oh you a bull but ima fool man what is he on

Just fell off & got it back they see what I’m on

Baby ima thug i be thugging I stay in the wrong

I got niggas locked down

That ain’t coming back home

Shit get real up in these streets better keep u a chrome

Baby ima thug it out

I be thugging alone

And for my brothers ima step if they right or they wrong


See my brothers all I got can’t see none of gone

Nigga shit get funky I’m outside while u in yo home

You know the shit I spit forreal

u feel in yo bones

When u fighting time

They don’t find time to pick up the phone

Don’t tell me bout no real I see Alotta fake

If u sit back and watch the crowd u see alotta snakes

They hate it when u speak that real u get alotta hate

I peep the fake so I keep my distance so I won’t catch a case


Hood trophy’s round this bitch but I don’t need a case it’s like a race

It’s always competition so I keep my pace

Niggas rather see you starve

If you ain’t got a plate

That shit be fake

& y’all see it as real

But that shit really fake


I can’t let my brother starve if he ain’t got no plate

U wasn’t with us

Thugging in them slums we had nowhere to stay

I waisted time & I can’t get it back

Bitch I’m not finna play

I need a bag

I’m not talking tomorrow

I’m talking today


I just pray I make it home they want me out the way

It’s Fuck my enemies

Show no sympathy

I ’m not finna play

She said she got a bag 4 a nigga told her I’m otw

These niggas always speaking up on me I swear these niggas gay!!



Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Artist: AOB Kc
Producer: Kiing Ty


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