Don Staxks – Remember My Name

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Don Staxks – Remember My Name


I’m the don
So remember my name
Fucked up her tracks
When I beat out her brains
Love em all
Want a baddie from Spain
Might mix it up
With a bop from Ukraine
Stay to one
Boy you clearly insane
Want a thot who gonna travel
Go get on a plane
Trini beauty ha bootie take lanes
Wanna come to function
Bring vibes for the gangOh you loving the vibe
Don’t keet it
Valuable nigga
She lick up the semen
Calm nigga cool with them demons
Make me uncomfortable
Back out the broom-like, we sweeping
She suck it up while I’m sleeping
Wanna be wifey
But that ain’t the one that I’m Keeping
She moving dusty I peeped it
So once I cracked it I skated
No, we can not sleep inThats word to my mother
She love get nasty
She gonna eat
But she love to act classy
Got the drop
From a eater name Ashley
I beat it up
And ain’t get her a taxi
Shawty bad and she know
She sassy
Slap from the back
Got her calling me daddy
Know a honey taste sweet like taffy
but I been ducking that bitch like daffyPussy good and I’m SpongeBob
Shawty I need it
Feel like mike
Cause the way that I beat it
Ain’t Jamaican but I will not eat it
Get off that liquor and I just start geeking
Keep it quiet
No words for policemen
Jack you a opp
We gonna give you the treatment
Rolled the za I ain’t passing I’m steaming
Go get friend and then come double team itLike em nasty
Do them tricks
Her boyfriend want beef
Cause I’m giving her dick
She ain’t average
Shawty thick
She want it get it
I beat it up quick
I ain’t lacking I stay around sticks
She try to line me bestie get the grip
Extended the clip attach it to my hip
She know I’m that nigga she gon take the trip


Genre: Hip-Hop/RAP

Artist: Don Staxks – Remember My Name

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