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Elijah Beckham, better known by his stage name Edubb302 is a rapper from Wilmington who is known for his powerful lyrics and unique style. He started rapping as a kid and has been passionate about his craft ever since.

For years now, he has earned a reputation for being an artist who is passionate and determined, and whose music delivers thoughtful messages. His songs are often deep —they capture the spirit of hip-hop in their celebration of life itself.

While some artists are content with doing whatever they can to make ends meet, Edubb is all about hard work and consistency. He believes in himself and his talent enough that he’s willing to put in the time necessary to make his dreams come true. And if you ask him why he does it? “Because,” he says, “I’m tired of seeing people like me fail.”

The Wilmington native released his track “Bout A Dolla.” The song was written at first to set the stage for Edubb’s rivals in the city—to let them know that he wasn’t interested in any sort of rivalry with anybody but himself. Instead, Edubb wants to convey messages that listeners can connect with.

“Being an unsigned artist can be truly difficult,” he says. “It can be truly difficult, having no machine putting you to light.”

The ‘Bout A Dolla’ rapper believes in hard work and consistency as an artist. He’ll devote his time, strength, and abilities to make rap his full-time vocation, promising to excite fans with striking hits throughout the future.

Edubb302 has completely committed his time, energy, and perspiration to bring back the sort of sound he was raised paying attention to while coming up as a kid. His wellspring of motivation comes from incredible craftsmen like Young Jeezy, DMX, Lil Wayne, Puff Daddy, and 2Pac—artists who have inspired him since childhood—as well as artists like Lil Baby and Lil Durk.



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Eddub302 – Bout A Dolla



(Uhh, Tell me)
Do we got a problem
Draco ripping holes in ya Gucci, Louie, Prade
War wit you step back in the building pop my collar
miss me with the gangsta shit cause im about a dollar (X2)

The name Dubb if you didn’t know
Never on no broke shit I stack chips and get the dough
I was stacking paper as a younging just to trick and blow
spend a band to flex on em hit a chick aint hit before

I was always on goofy I had to flex on lames
people know I always been real and they respect the name
niggas try to short me come correct and then expecting change
they didnt acknowledge imma g didn’t respect the gang


always moving wit precision I stay on my shit
pistol like a viper if I pull it then it’s gonna spit
my draw game is fluent just like Spanish flowing off ya lips
catch a nigga slipping in my city getting all of it

shorty shared her number but I still aint call the chick
like mobsters in the 60s not tagging less wifey call the hit
niggas lose they life like blacks on a movie script
hit em in the melon then sit back and watch the fluid drip

tucking my tail turning cheeks trust its not an option
bullets hit and drain ya life just like a venom toxin
I put a price up on ya head now u in an auction
u should’ve listened to the warnings and proceed wit caution
a nigga broke and try to war and usually I’m off it
I rather be laid in some fly shit stacking bread on boss shit
blood sticky bullet hit you and ya melon frosted
leave you stretched and open wide leaking like a faucet..


(Uhh, Tell me)
Do we got a problem
Draco ripping holes in ya Gucci,Louie, Prade
War wit you step back in the building pop my collar
miss me with the gangsta shit cause im about a dollar (X2)


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