Jet Lee – F What You Heard

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Jet Lee – F What You Heard


Fck dat Ion care what u heard
I’m not a preacher but I’m speaking da word
I’m booked up mane I feel like a nerd
That pistol on me we like phineas & ferb
I’m bout dat action like a mf verb
No pooh shiesty but this chopper go blrdddd
I’m getting bread like I’m BGE
We spinning on em like a dvd
Yea I’m from From south
We ain’t really wit dat runnin ya mouth
Always moving wtf is a couch
No kangaroo keep me one in da pouch
Im never lacking but yk dat
Im same the same Nigga from my throwback
Bein broke Ion think I can’t go back
I gotta tunnel vision like I’m Kodak
Goin off what U heard instead of what that you know
Yea u know dats a noo
Keep it cool wen a nigga take some from ya
But wanna kill em bout a hoe
4pf yea my pockets all on full
& they fat like Joe
So who GAF what u think
My Niggas shoot before u blink
Randolph jus hit up my line lets go up again
He one dat I can lean on
APC we like da heat back in 2010 Yea da whole team strong
I jus been rocking these shows and gettin dividends im gettin my scene on
Tank in da back he clutching on da F & N he jus put da beam on
Me and G cook it up like its Culinary
Hall of fame yk dis shit legendary
We got guns coming like da military
We gone put yo face on a obituary
Shout out da hood da hood yea I come from da sip
She wanted a kiss I busted on ha lip
Pillow talking it jus might get u kilt
Dey talking down mane dese niggas a trip


Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Artist: Jet Lee


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