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Brooklyn, NY — Nyco King, a versatile artist recognized for his dynamic fusion of hip-hop and reggaeton, has been leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Nyco’s journey as an artist began at the age of six. He started by freestyling, a skill he honed under the influence of his older brother, who served as a constant source of inspiration. Nyco revealed his intriguing method of picking a random object from a bag and rapping on the spot, showcasing his raw skills and creativity. His talents caught the eye of his peers, and he soon found himself performing at outdoor talent shows, leaving the audience impressed with his lyrics and energetic stage presence.


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Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Nyco King’s background has significantly influenced his music. His time in Crown Heights and Flatbush, along with experiences in different places, adds diverse elements to his music. This blend of experiences contributes to his distinctive style.

Using his personal experiences as a driving force, Nyco King has found his own place in the competitive music world. His music covers a range of emotions, from intense anger and hatred to themes of love and perseverance. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, Nyco was encouraged to develop a style that stood out from the crowd.

But Nyco’s impact doesn’t stop at his own career. He’s been a mentor to up-and-coming artists, helping them hone their skills and find their unique voices. Through collaborations with DJs, models, producers, and club promoters, Nyco has not only boosted his own career but has also contributed to the growth of others in the industry.

One key aspect that sets Nyco apart is his deep appreciation for the business side of the music industry. Having honed his skills both as an artist and as a songwriter for various underground artists, he understands the importance of not only creating music but also managing contracts, finances, and marketing strategies. King’s firsthand experience with the grind before entering the mainstream has given him a unique perspective on the industry, setting him up for success.

When it comes to musical influences, Nyco King expressed admiration for classic hip-hop icons like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. He also showed some love to the current heavy hitters in the game, names like Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar, shining a light on how they’ve shaped his own musical ride. King’s knack for mixing that old-school storytelling vibe with today’s fresh sound is proof of how versatile he is as an artist.


Nyco King is not just an artist; he represents the future of music. His ability to blend genres, tell captivating stories, and connect with his audience sets him on a path to success that shows no sign of slowing down.

For a dope ride through music, packed with emotions, unwavering strength, and mad creativity, Nyco King is the artist you wanna watch out for. He’s straight-up leading the charge for a fresh wave of musical brilliance, showing that when you stay committed and true, the sky’s the limit, no doubt.

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Nyco King – ANTONIUS [Lyrics]

Who I be
City boy crooked smile with gold teeth
Hell I’m me
Straight out the belly momma I’m a beast
You ain’t see
Nothing cuz the bodies been what I feed
Let me breathe
Air full of hate that’s what I need
Yeah I’m me


King full of pain y’all done kept encaged/Everyday sitting flipping y’all done got me tripping lord please unlock my chains
I ain’t a killer but I’d catch a body pimping so don’t ever spark my rage
Gotcha bi**h still tipping
Fo fo whipping while I’m gold grilling candy paint
Heard you was in your feelings
Even with your millions you can see ain’t never change
All of the blood spilling
New York drilling
All I see is vogueing on stage
Now I’m back to my flow
Time for being a menace
Gimme a minute
When I start I promise I’ll never finish
I’m catching body after body I’m exceeding the limit
Airing out in every room I just verbally vented
Or we could take it to the streets with the windows tinted
Spread the lead through the air now the hood well scented
You wit it, I lit it, you know that I did it
Screaming f**k that judge, this Glock I hid it
That’s 3 6 Maf for figures, city slickaz
Ni double g, a, z for my niggaz
Drown ya sorrow in some liquor
Let it quiver
For my Queen right by my side she getting thicka
My pack a snicka
Black, black,black,black, black, ima killer
Black, black, Mc hammer dance (ice) that’s vanilla
Snakes all up in my grass clipped not gon slither
Rick the ruler got my eye on you niggaz who been slicka
Straight out the belly momma I’m a beast
Who y’all talking to bi**ch I’m me
I told y’all once again yeah I’m king
Screaming, (Brrrrrrrr ay)

Comienso cargando la machina
(I don’t understand all that king)
Tiradores estan el la maxima
(What you saying now lil king)
Estamos adentro el Uber
Ne se habla de quien lo conduce
Este dia que tiene disfrute
Si aquellos que mueren no sufre
No te asuste, tu vida reduce, no quiere morrir esta Calle no cruce
Quien es el juez solo Dios que me juzgue
Carrera que tiene ya no lo abuse
Plata ó plomo, yo quito la plata
Con todo mi Pana, yo entro tu casa
Con nueve y AK, y esto se llama
Eddie Guerrero ya vive la raza
Dios te bendice, el nivel no switché
El cielo existe, infierno abriste
No soy un chiste, y todo me dicen
El rap en dos lenguage no se permite
Ya que me miren, ahora sonríe
Pide a dios que siempre te cuide
So no te olvides
Ya puta si cruce la linea te dejo irreconocible/ Mi vida es buena ya dejan envidia
Yo tengo mi fe eso nunca se quita
Recuerdo mi mai con su mano arriba, la noche vigilia, yo tengo mi guía (ahhhah)
Soy OJ en el bronco
Manejando y vengo pronto
Cabron lo mas que son sabio, se difracen Como tonto…

Who I be
City boy crooked smile with gold teeth
Hell I’m me
Straight out the belly momma I’m a beast
You ain’t see
Nothing cuz the bodies been what I feed
Yeah I’m King

Who I be
Said who I be
(Said what they want now lil king)

Said yeah I’m me
(Oh what you got now lil king)

Yeah I’m King!




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