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R. Kelly’s Ex-Cellmate Uncovers Startling Truth About Aaliyah and Her Untimely Death

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In a captivating second part of the interview on the popular Hip Hop Uncensored podcast, R. Kelly's ex-cellmate, Ronnie Bo, made shocking revelations about R. Kelly's relationship with the late singer Aaliyah and explained the circumstances surrounding her untimely death. Hosted by O'god and , the interview delved deep into the controversial topic that has intrigued the public for years.

During the conversation, Ronnie Bo disclosed that initially, R. Kelly was hesitant to discuss , but eventually opened up about their relationship. According to Kelly's former cellmate, the popular singer portrayed his connection with Aaliyah as more of a mentorship and friendship, where he offered guidance on songwriting. He mentioned that the alleged sexual involvement was never explicitly mentioned. R. Kelly purportedly revealed that Aaliyah's marriage to him was a publicity stunt orchestrated by Aaliyah's manager, Barry Hankerson, who also happens to be her uncle.

Furthermore, the interview explored the sensitive topic of Aaliyah's tragic death. Ronnie Bo claimed that R. Kelly believed Barry Hankerson was involved in the circumstances leading to Aaliyah's death. Ronnie Bo alleged that Barry Hankerson had taken out a life insurance policy on Aaliyah and subsequently received a substantial sum of 90 million dollars following her passing. He also mentioned that Aaliyah had expressed a fear of flying and was reluctant to board the ill-fated flight. However, arrangements were made, leading to the tragic .

The interview also touched upon an unreleased interview with R. Kelly that journalist DJ Vlad had previously mentioned but had not released. The ex-inmate revealed that Vlad had attempted to confirm the validity of his claims through a direct conversation with the R&B singer. However, Kelly confirmed certain details, including his belief that Jay-Z had funded the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary, Vlad chose not to release the interview, possibly due to concerns about Jay-Z‘s influence and potential consequences for his career.

Additionally, Ronnie Bo addressed the topic of R. Kelly's thoughts on Dame Dash, who was romantically involved with Aaliyah. According to the ex-inmate, Kelly expressed his understanding of 's dislike towards him, attributing it to Aaliyah's involvement with both of them. Ronnie Bo expressed that any man would be displeased to discover that someone they loved had been involved with another person.

The interview revealed more about R. Kelly and Aaliyah's relationship and explored theories about her death. These revelations have sparked interest and controversy, capturing the public's attention. The ongoing investigation into Aaliyah's life, her connection with R. Kelly, and the circumstances of her death remain a captivating and contentious topic. The interview on Uncensored has allowed individuals connected to R. Kelly and Aaliyah to share their viewpoints and contribute to the ongoing discussion.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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