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Sexyy Red’s Leaked Private Video Ignites Online Firestorm

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On Wednesday night, October 4th, the internet was ablaze with controversy as an intimate video featuring , a polarizing figure in the industry, seemingly leaked onto her Instagram story. Although Sexyy Red promptly removed the video, copies had already started circulating across the web.

Before the video got out, there was another clip going around where a guy who is said to be her man recorded her while she was sleeping. He proudly said they had been together intimately. The person who filmed her was showing off by saying that he “put her to sleep”. Then, she posted a picture of them together lying in bed, and you could see he was wearing an ankle monitor.

DJ , a prominent voice in the hip-hop community, didn't mince words when he tweeted about the leaked video, saying, “Sexyy Red gotta stop f*cking broke bums wit nothing to lose.. how every n**ga she wit desperately tryna let the world know they smashin her. I love how down to earth she is but it's bout time she leave these n***as wit ankle monitors on .. in they momma houses where they belong.”


In a subsequent tweet, Akademiks expressed his doubts regarding Sexyy Red's involvement in the upload, suggesting: “I don't think Sexyy Red uploaded that herself… Clearly, it's a n***a holding her phone and recording…that n**a probably just uploaded that shit to her story n called it a day….”

According to Sexyy Red, she didn't upload the video and claimed to be unaware of the explicit leaked content. She expressed her distress on , saying, “I'm so heartbroken anybody that kno me knows I wouldn't do no goofy sht like that.”


Sexyy Red, often labeled as an “industry plant,” has divided opinions since she gained fame. While some admire her for her relatable personality, others have voiced concerns about her music and the industry's support for what they perceive as a non-talented artist.

Lately, Social media has been buzzing with reactions, with some individuals speculating that Sexyy Red is merely an industry creation designed to perpetuate damaging stereotypes about black women. One particular lady went viral when she expressed their dismay, saying, “You cannot convince me otherwise that Sexyy Red is not an industry plant that was put here to help finalize the destroying of the black woman image, they had us under attack and she was here to just finalize the process the way they trying to force her on us is just crazy.”

Responding to the industry plant claims, Sexyy Red quickly replied by suggesting that the individuals criticizing her were “broke.” Her comment seemed to insinuate that those making accusations may be doing so out of envy or jealousy.


A point of debate is that many female artists in the rap and hip-hop scene don't possess the typical skills associated with the genre. Instead, they seem to gain fame primarily for their outgoing personalities and explicit content. Case in point: the recent collaboration between Sexyy Red and on the track “Hood Rats.” While it garnered loads of YouTube views, it also faced criticism for its perceived lack of skills.

In the beginning, Sexyy Red's music may have elicited laughter due to its “ratchets” and somewhat “unskilled” sound, which some found amusing. However, it's crucial to understand that humor alone doesn't equate to genuine talent. Just as in politics, a candidate's ability to amuse doesn't necessarily indicate their competence. This same principle holds true for Sexyy Red, as we now face the fact that her music is often seen as lacking in talent.


This controversy has ignited a significant discussion about the current state and direction of hip-hop. Some argue that major platforms are being incentivized to promote specific artists, leading to a sense of homogeneity within the genre. Female artists, in particular, face criticism for gaining recognition primarily through explicit content and their sexualized image.

Critics point out that the message being sent to emerging female artists is distressingly clear: create explicit content, focus on showcasing your body, and prioritize sensationalism to gain popularity. They contend that this narrative stifles creativity and reduces female artists to mere objects of desire.

Many are deeply concerned about the declining representation and empowerment of Black women in the entertainment industry. Instead of seeing strong, positive role models, young girls often encounter figures like Sexyy Red, portrayed as valued solely for their sexuality. Such portrayals reinforce harmful stereotypes and erode the self-esteem of young girls.

The leaked sex tape involving Sexyy Red has ignited a firestorm of controversy that extends beyond the artist herself. It has sparked debates regarding the music industry's role in promoting artists lacking skill and substance. As these discussions persist, the industry faces a critical choice of whether to prioritize talent and creativity over sensationalism.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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