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Suge Knight’s Take on Keefe D’s Arrest in Prison Chat

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Suge Knight, the former mogul and eyewitness to the murder of Shakur has spoken out about the recent arrest of Duane “” Davis, a significant development in the 27-year-old cold case. The arrest has had a profound impact on the community, and many are wondering how , who was in the car when Tupac was killed, feels about these latest developments.

The former CEO of Death Row, currently incarcerated, shared his thoughts on the arrest and whether he would cooperate in the trial during a recent phone call from prison. TMZ, the renowned entertainment news outlet, made the phone call to Suge Knight in prison, facilitating the conversation that shed light on his thoughts regarding Keefe D's arrest and his potential involvement in the trial.

When TMZ inquired about his thoughts on Keefe D's arrest, Knight was taken aback. He made it clear that he never saw Keefe D's arrest coming. Additionally, he didn't hide his hesitation at the prospect of anyone, even someone he knew from the past, being incarcerated.

The district attorney alleges that Keefe D was in the car with his nephew Orlando during the shooting, and his nephew is believed to be the one who shot Tupac. According to Suge Knight, there were only two people in the car that fateful night, and he refrained from providing further details on the . Knight stated that he wouldn't testify if called upon in the trial.

When pressed about why he wouldn't testify, Knight explained that he wouldn't be willing to take the stand against someone, whether they were involved or not, as he wouldn't wish prison upon his worst enemy. He maintained that he wouldn't reveal any information about the incident, indirectly distancing himself from Keefe D's own statements.

Suge Knight's decision not to testify and his mysterious comments about Tupac's shooter make this long-standing mystery even more puzzling. Some have tried to decipher the meaning behind Knight's words, but it's evident that he intends to keep quiet about the events that unfolded that night.

All in all, it's not surprising that Suge Knight has chosen not to testify or cooperate. With his release scheduled for 2034, approximately 11 years from now, maintaining his reputation in prison is paramount. Testifying or snitching could complicate his standing among fellow inmates, and with a significant portion of his sentence left to serve, it appears he's prioritizing his long-term situation behind bars over involvement in this high-profile case.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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