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The GRAMMYs Better Worry About J. Prince

todayMarch 25, 2022 24 1

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J. Prince Calls For Grammy Boycott Over Ban and other issues.

Houston-based executive and promoter J. Prince has called on some of the most influential Black performers in the hip-hop music industry to boycott the Grammy Awards.

On Monday, March 21, Prince called on Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd, and others to come together to perform in Las Vegas on the same night as the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.

Following Kanye's removal as a performer for this year's ceremony due to his inappropriate and concerning online behavior toward his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, her current partner , The Daily Show host Trevor Noah, and others, J. Prince began making remarks.

J. Prince's message: “hip-hop vs the Grammys. I've been watching the Grammys control and dictate our . To their benefit up close and personal for the past 30 years that I've been in the music business and all the artists, managers, and executives would do is complain but never have the guts to come together to do anything about it.

Prince continued by saying: “Even though the latest episode deals with Trevor Noah and the canceling of Kanye, this racist act is so much bigger than them. Let's just start with the mindset of the words ‘counsel and ‘cancel' where the Grammys is concerned and compare them to rehabilitation and legal slavery where the penitentiary is concerned. If we begin with counsel and rehabilitation in the Grammys or the penitentiary, the truth is that they really don't exist. They're just fancy lies.”

“But on the other hand, if we look at the words cancel and legal slavery punishment those words are truly real and exist today. For example, for those of you that never took the time to read the 13th amendment, it clearly says that slavery was abolished, except for use as punishment for a crime you've been convicted of.”: he continued.

“So, therefore, according to the 13th amendment of the constitution, everyone in the prison system and those that are out of prison that has been convicted of a crime are considered slaves in the United States and under its jurisdiction in 2022. Not only did they make slavery lawful by an amendment, they then created the laws by which people would be enslaved. They did that shit back then and they are still doing it today.”

Prince continues expressing himself: “This background is important to know because of the mentality of those that control both the Grammys and the prison system in the United States. This is a slave master punish a n***a mentality and act' to remind us that no matter how much money we have, we are still n***s in their eyes so they canceled Kanye and discriminated against , The Weeknd, , and many others over the years.”

He continued: “This will only be broken by us uniting our powers to bring about change moving forward. How do we bring about change? I'm glad you all asked! I recommend that the artists that I've mentioned above and more come together in Las Vegas and perform at the same time as the Grammys on a special network and streaming platforms to prove that ratings will change where the Grammys are concerned.”

The Hip-hop mogul J. Prince ended his powerful speech by saying: “When the 1st selling genre in music hip-hop come together because there's power in numbers. The powers that be will be mad at me about this one but fuck em! I love the culture! The seed has been planted. Let's water it!”

Who is J. Prince?

James L. Smith, better known to the public as J. Prince is a Houston legend, business tycoon, motivational speaker, music executive, and author of the book The Art & Science of Respect.

J. Prince, is a 56-year-old music executive and promoter. He was the founder of Rap-A-Lot Records in 1987 which has grown into one of the most respected labels in Hip-Hop history. Prince is been an active member of the community for 30 years, using his influence to create programs that give back to the underprivileged neighborhoods and communities Houston has to offer.

The Hip-Hop legend is well-known for introducing Drake to , ultimately resulting in Drake's career-changing greatly for the better. Prince's work has been instrumental in the careers of many successful rap artists.

Rapper says he's ready to partner with Drake, Nicki Minaj and The Weeknd in J. Prince's anti-Grammy movement.

TMZ met up with Quavo at the International Airport on Wednesday (March 23), and he was impressed by the potential of J. Prince organizing his own concert on April 3rd, the same night as the Grammys.

Quavo said: “Let's do it! We need to make our own rules for those who appreciate the real shit that's going on in the streets, that appreciate the culture, that appreciates the best new artists. Instead of a freshman class, we need the best new artists in the street whenever they come out. We couldn't go to freshman class 'cause we were a group. Just shit like that, all these little stipulations … we the creators.”

The member went on to say that the culture requires younger guys to tap in to decide who's the best of the best.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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