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The Latest Developments in the YNW Melly Trial

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In a highly anticipated courtroom showdown, the trial of Jamell Maurice Demons, better known as YNW Melly in the hip-hop community, has officially commenced in Broward County, Florida. Melly is facing two counts of first-degree murder for the tragic shooting deaths of his friends, Christopher Thomas (YNW Juvy) and Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser), which took place in October 2018. A fourth YNW member, Cortlen Henry (also known as ), was also present during the .

The events unfolded on the night of October 26, 2018, when the group left a late-night recording session. Melly, Juvy, Sakchaser, and Bortlen were traveling in an SUV driven by Bortlen when the shooting occurred. Bortlen later arrived at a hospital in Miramar, Florida, claiming that they had been victims of a drive-by shooting. However, prosecutors allege that this story was fabricated.

Months after the incident, Melly and Bortlen were charged with the murders. Prosecutors assert that Melly, who was seated in the back seat, shot his two friends. Melly maintains his innocence throughout the trial. If convicted, he faces the possibility of the death penalty, which may be more easily imposed due to a recent law change allowing a jury to vote for the death penalty by a majority of eight out of twelve.

Key Moments Unveiled: Trial Kicks Off on June 12, 2023

The trial began on Monday, June 12, 2023, with the opening statements from Assistant State Attorney Christine Bradley, who laid out her belief that Melly was responsible for the double murder. However, some observers felt that her remarks provided more questions than answers, failing to clarify the specifics of the prosecution's case.

On Monday, the prosecution presented video evidence in court showing YNW Melly, his co-defendant Cortlen Henry, and the two victims they are accused of murdering leaving a recording studio in Fort Lauderdale just before the fatal shooting occurred.

During Monday's proceedings, it was revealed that Melly's best friend, Cortlen Henry (Bortlen), arrived at a Miami hospital claiming that their friends had been caught in a drive-by shooting and were gravely injured in his car. The victims, identified as Anthony Williams (YNW Sakchaser) and Christopher Thomas (YNW Juvy), had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and were pronounced dead. However, upon investigation, the police found no evidence of a drive-by shooting and concluded that the victims were shot by someone inside the car.


At , we are diving deep into YNW Melly's trial to give you a detailed analysis of the key moments from day one. In the first trial, there was this one Instagram message that the prosecution claimed was a confession.

In the opening statements, the prosecution highlighted Melly's popularity on social media, suggesting that it could be his downfall. They presented evidence of multiple messages flooding Melly's Instagram account on the day of the incident, with individuals reaching out to inquire about his well-being and the veracity of the drive-by shooting. The prosecution quoted one message that asked, “Yo homie, you good? Let me know something.” They argued that the context of these messages, combined with Melly's response of “I did that shhhh,” indicated his involvement in the crime.

Defense attorney David A. Howard argued that Melly was being unfairly targeted, asserting that the Miramar police conducted a sloppy investigation and prematurely concluded his guilt. Howard criticized the police for not exploring other leads and ignoring potential confessions from individuals on social media, such as Robert Colbert, who allegedly confessed to the murders.

The rapper's legal team brought up an interesting point during the trial, mentioning a person named Robert Cobert. The defense attorney stated that Cobert is the owner of a social media account called “Backwards.” According to Howard, Cobert's account posted a message just days after the murder, saying, “LOL we killed two of your n****.”

Howard argued that it took the investigative team several months to look into Cobert's involvement in the 2018 murder. “It took them seven months to go and talk to Mr. Cobert, the owner of this account that posts what amounts to an unequivocal confession to involvement in that Murder,” Howard stated.

The defense further revealed that when the authorities finally questioned Cobert, he claimed, “Oh, I created that account and I sold it for $20 to somebody else.” Interestingly, Cobert stated that he doesn't remember who he sold the account to.


The defense attorney questioned the motive behind buying an Instagram account when anyone can create their own for free. This raised doubts about the credibility of Cobert's alleged confession and added another layer of complexity to the case.

During the trial, the defense also highlighted the questionable handling of the crime scene at the hospital and the absence of a comprehensive log of officers and detectives present. These factors further contributed to the defense's assertion that the investigation was flawed.

The defense also focused on establishing that there was no motive for Melly to kill his friends. They questioned the prosecution's assertion and expressed that it did not make sense for Melly to harm individuals he grew up with, shared a close bond with, and even collaborated with on their careers.

YNW Melly's defense delivered a strong opening statement, challenging the credibility of the investigation and urging the jury to carefully consider the burden of proof. They claimed that the prosecution's case was riddled with reasonable doubt and based on an incomplete and flawed investigation.

As the first day of YNW Melly's trial came to a close, it was notable that none of his label representatives were present in the courtroom. However, one prominent figure who showed support for the young rapper was Boosie, who attended the double murder trial. 's presence highlighted the impact and attention surrounding Melly's case, as he stood as the sole supporter by the rapper's side during this crucial time.

However, the overwhelming support from fans and celebrities rallying behind YNW Melly during his trial did not sit well with everyone. The father of JNW Juvy, one of the victims in the case, expressed his strong disapproval of and the fans advocating for Melly's release. In a passionate statement, he called out Boosie for what he perceived as insufficient support and directed his frustration toward those chanting “Free Melly.”


June 13, 2023 – Second Day of YNW Melly Trial: Prayerful Moments in the Courtroom

On the second day of rapper YNW Melly's trial, an emotional moment occurred before the jurors entered the courtroom. Melly was observed in a prayerful state, holding his hands to his face in deep contemplation. With a solemn expression, he gradually lowered his hands, seemingly seeking inner peace and composure.

During the second trial, several significant moments unfolded in the courtroom. As the prosecution presented photos of the vehicle immediately following the murder, YNW Melly's mother Jamie Demons-King was frequently observed glancing across the courtroom at the mothers of the victims. Emotions ran high as the images were displayed, evoking different responses from the mothers.

A crime scene investigator presented damning evidence in the form of photographs. The images displayed a bullet-riddled jeep, allegedly connected to a staged drive-by shooting. These compelling photos provided a visual confirmation of the violent incident and strengthened the prosecution's case against rapper YNW Melly. The courtroom was gripped by the powerful evidence, intensifying the trial proceedings.

As the prosecution proceeded, Melly's gaze wandered, seemingly distracted, while the crime scene investigator, Carter, reviewed the vehicle-related evidence. The gravity of the situation was evident as the investigator meticulously went through the photos, highlighting the alleged staged drive-by shooting involving Melly.

The victims' mothers were prepared by the prosecution for the upcoming visual evidence. Sakchaser's mother, overwhelmed with grief, struggled to hold back tears and ultimately left the courtroom, unable to bear the emotional burden. In contrast, Juvy's mother, though tearful, decided to stay in the courtroom, displaying her determination to confront the evidence directly.


The crime scene investigator's thorough examination of the vehicle's photographs was vital to the prosecution's case. As the trial unfolded, these pieces of evidence further contributed to the narrative unfolding in the courtroom, shedding light on the alleged events related to the staged drive-by shooting involving YNW Melly. As the trial progressed, these emotional moments and presented evidence added to the evolving story in the courtroom.

As the trial continues, the battle between the prosecution and the defense intensifies, leaving the outcome hanging in the balance. With each passing day, new revelations and legal maneuvers shape the narrative of the case. The courtroom remains a battleground where both sides fight fiercely for their respective goals.

As the day's proceedings came to a close, something notable happened when YNW Melly prayed once again. After the crime scene investigator finished testifying, Melly closed his eyes, clasped his hands in a prayer pose, and seemed to release his prayer into the room. However, this action didn't sit well with the families of the victims, who visibly showed their unhappiness and distress in the courtroom.

The court proceedings are set to continue on Wednesday morning, with proceedings expected to resume promptly at 9 a.m. Stay tuned for further updates as the trial of YNW Melly unfolds, revealing more insights into the case.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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