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Westcoast rapper G Perico drops EP “Tango”

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is back with his first project of the year titled”Tango”

After an exceptionally productive year in 2021, Perico is starting off the new year with a new project.

G Perico‘s new project is the follow-up to his album “Play 2 Win” which was released in August 2021. Artists such as , Remble, and all contribute to the album.

Earlier this year, the West Coast rapper surprised his fans with the release of the singles “Hurricane” and “INNERPRIZE RAP.”

“I'm so serious with everything i got goin on that i got a horrible attitude with anything that doesn't bring value… if it don't feel good leave it alone.. if they assuming let um & move forward.. it's zero time for the confused and confusion 22 hurricane no excuses!!!!”

Last Friday, (Feb.11) Perico dropped his EP “Tango” which contains eight tracks including the singles “Hurricane” and “INNERPRIZE RAP”.


The EP “TANGO” contains the following eight songs:

Long Year
Innerprize Rap
Mill Ticcets
All I Dream
Chill Out


Perico collaborates with BlocBoi Fame on the EP's first track, “Long Year.” The full video with lyrics can be viewed HERE.

The song “Long Year” is currently ranked among the top ten favorite songs on by its listeners.

Yesterday, the video for the single “Long Year” was released, so today it is featured as the “Top Track Of The Day” on all Dilemaradio's social media platforms.

G Perico community projects

The West Coast independent artist “Perico” is aware of his current status and the climate in his hometown, yet he continues to try to better his neighborhood, especially for the children who have been through the same struggles as he has.

Perico is very active in the community. Aside from music, the rapper is now part of the sneaker store in called “Bottom Bunk.”

The story behind the name “Bottom Bunk.”

In an interview with “Power 106,” Perico explains how the name of the “Bottom Bunk” Store came about.

Perico's partner Cole who runs a section of the business has served time in prison on several occasions.
“The majority of the revenues will go to those moving out of jail and back into the community, which is the whole point of becoming productive citizens in the first place,” Perico explains.”You come back by operating in society and people don't understand that it's a whole mental issue to go to jail and then come home,” he continued. “I'm in full support of the Bottom Bunk LA. It's a way to help.”

The sneaker store “Bottom Bunk” is located at 7519 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles.
Click HERE for additional information about opening hours.

Building 108th in South L.A., which contains the legendary Broadway Boxing gym, was recently acquired by Perico alongside David Gross and D Smoke.

The focus for Perico and his team is on the famous Broadway Boxing gym, which has been there since the 1950s and has helped the rapper to stay out of trouble. In one of the units, it is also planned to construct a community center for children, with healthy food as part of the program.

Following the killings of and , rapper G Perico is well aware of the hazards he may face if he continues to stay in his neighborhood.

During the interview with “Power 106”, Perico said: “It's really not in my heart or my spirit getting sideways because I know at the end of the day there's people over there that don't even know that they need me.” Perico continued by saying: “I know it can happen and I know it could be someone I know. Nine times out of ten, but it feels like it's just my duty”

The West Coast artist G Perico has gained notoriety for representing his community, releasing quality music, and supporting and motivating the youth.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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