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YNW Melly Trial Update: Mistrial Motion Filed After “Fiasco” in Courtroom

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Wednesday, June 14: Defense Challenges Prosecution's Firearms Expert

The trial of YNW Melly is still going on, and his lawyer, Stewart Adelstein, had some serious doubts about the prosecution's expert on guns, Jorge Bello. Adelstein even made a joke, saying that Bello should give out certificates to everyone in the courtroom after talking for so long. But Bello couldn't say for sure if Melly had the gun, held it, or shot it in the shooting that killed YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

In the trial of YNW Melly, something unexpected happened. The experts from the lab couldn't find the gun that was used in the . They also didn't know what kind of gun it was. Usually, in trials like this, the experts are supposed to find important evidence like the gun, and figure out its type. But in this case, they couldn't do it.

Not having the gun as evidence makes it harder for the prosecutors to prove that Melly had anything to do with the crime.

The trial also included some pictures that showed Cortlen Henry, who is also known as , going to the hospital without any visible injuries. This made people wonder what really happened, especially because his hands looked clean with no cuts or marks on them.

The state showed lots of new pictures in court. These pictures were taken at the place where the shooting happened. They showed the Jeep that was supposedly used in the shooting, as well as bullets and clothes that were found there. The Jeep looked messy inside, and there were blood stains on the back seat and front passenger headrest. The person in charge of the crime scene, Supervisor Kelly, also took pictures of Cortlen Henry, who is involved in the case.

Thursday, June 15: Notable Witnesses and Snapchat Videos

Kevin Liles, who helps run 300 Entertainment, went to YNW Melly's trial and sat with his family. He's a big shot in the industry and helped Melly get a record deal with Atlantic Records. Kevin really cares about supporting Black artists and their work. When he showed up in court with Melly's mom, it made Sakchaser's mom really upset. β€œSee what I'm sayin,” she says.

Last year, Liles stood up for Young Thug at a special meeting. He wanted to help get out of jail by using his own money to support the conditions of his release. This was a big deal because Kevin Liles is a respected person in the music industry, and he was willing to take a risk to help Young Thug.

In court, the prosecution showed some Snapchat videos that they thought would help understand what YNW Melly was doing before the crime. But Melly's defense team said the videos didn't matter and weren't related to the case. The defense team won the argument, and the videos were not allowed as evidence.

After hearing this, Melly was really happy and excited. He even fist-bumped his lawyer to show their excitement about the news.

Tensions Rise and Mistrial Motion Filed

During the trial, Felicia Holmes, who is Melly's ex-girlfriend's mother, testified in court. The prosecutors said that she heard a phone call between Melly and her daughter after the murders happened. At first, Holmes told the investigators things that made Melly look guilty, but when asked again recently, she said she couldn't remember anything about the call. She said she was scared of going to jail and felt threatened by the police, who she claimed bullied her daughter.

The courtroom was filled with tension as people argued and asked questions in different ways. Holmes talked about money she got from Melly's manager, Jameson Francois. She said she got $5,000 but claimed it wasn't for her own needs. The defense team asked for a mistrial, saying that the state unfairly said bad things about Melly without proof, and that the jury might be affected by all the arguments during Holmes' testimony.

The jury has been influenced, and we're asking for a mistrial,” the defense team stated. The judge didn't make a decision right away but said they needed time to think about whether to agree or disagree with the defense's request for a mistrial.

In the courtroom, something unexpected happened that surprised everyone. YNW Melly, who is accused of killing his friends, was seen laughing and joking with his lawyer. It was as if he didn't realize how serious the charges against him were. This surprised many people, and it made them wonder about his attitude and what it means for his case.

A user reacted to the video of YNW Melly and his attorney laughing during the trial. He was surprised and couldn't believe that they were enjoying themselves in such a serious situation. The user wondered about the seriousness of the case and what it said about YNW Melly's character.

In the age of social media, the YNW Melly trial has garnered significant attention online. While the courtroom proceedings have captivated the public, an unexpected moment has taken the internet by storm.

A snippet from the trial's video footage showing YNW Melly appearing to sniff his armpits has gone viral,

Additionally, another snippet from the trial's video footage has gone viral, capturing a moment where YNW Melly appears to be walking towards the door with police quickly following behind him. The video, which has been shared widely on social media, depicts a seemingly comical situation where Melly appears to have an intent to escape. People find it funny because it looks like he wants to escape. This video has gone viral on social media, and many people are sharing it and talking about it. It's one of those moments from the trial that everyone is talking about online.

Moving forward, YNW Melly and his lawyers have a tough road ahead in the trial. They aim to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutors and ensure a fair trial, even as tensions rise. However, there will be a temporary break in the courtroom proceedings. Friday's session is canceled, and there will be an extended break due to the upcoming holiday on Monday. The trial will resume on Tuesday, June 20, giving Melly and his legal team more time to plan and get ready for the next important stage of this widely-watched case.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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