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6ix9ine Girlfriend Jade Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Him In Public

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For the past four years, Tekashi 6ix9ine has been dating his longtime girlfriend Rachel Wattley Aka Jade.

On Sunday, August 28, 6ix9ine girlfriend Jade was celebrating her sister's birthday when she got into an altercation with the rapper in a club in Miami.

The following video footage, obtained by TMZ, shows that was involved in a heated argument with his girlfriend and another woman outside the nightclub. Apparently, Jade hit and scratched 6ix9ine in the face inside the nightclub, but when they were both outside it continued. This forced 6ix9ine to sit down in his colorful car while he waited for police so that he could avoid further attacks from Jade.

It's unclear what sparked their altercation, but Jade has been charged with battery related to domestic violence. She is currently being held in Miami-Dade County Jail on $1500 bail.

In the police report, officers claim to have seen injuries on 6ix9ine's face and that bystanders reported seeing him being hit by Jade inside the club before she attempted to snatch his chain.

The police say that 6ix9ine refused to cooperate with them, even after they asked him for an official statement about what had occurred between him and his girlfriend. However, they had enough evidence to arrest Jade—surveillance footage of the taken inside the club, as well as witness statements.

6ix9ine told TMZ that he thinks Jade's friends were “swaying” her, and he believes she was drunk at the time of the incident. He added that he plans to bail her out and will not press charges against her.

“I'm gonna get her out of jail — she attacked me in front of the police I told them, ‘You have to evaluate her she's obviously under the influence I don't plan to press charges — I'm the one trying to bail her out.”: he told TMZ.

6ix9ine Reveals Mental Health Issues

If you're a fan of 6ix9ine, you may have noticed that he hasn't been as active on social media lately. That's because he took to Instagram Live over the weekend to share his story while celebrating Steve's birthday—but also dealing with some personal issues in an emotional moment for fans.

The Rainbow rapper revealed in the video that he's been going through some dark times, and has decided to take a break from while he works through them. He also admitted that he was drunk during the Instagram Live video.

“I'm starting this thing off by saying I love my fans. I know you guys have been expecting a lot of music. Just right now, genuinely I'm not mentally— I don't want to give you guys any false hope. I'm there. I'm just trying to get mentally right, just with everything”: he said in the video.

6ix9ine continued saying: “I'm pretty drunk right now but I'm doing good, right? I'm just trying to better myself, so I won't be pretty dark. You know I find myself in a pretty dark place all the time. Obviously, I love my fans. I'm always here for you guys. Still the king of IG. Still the king of the internet. I don't use it anymore. I will barely be in the studio. I'm just keeping a stack just for my fans. I'm here for you guys.”

Whether or not 6ix9ine's issues are real or whether they're just a result of too much tequila consumption, one thing is clear: the Rainbow rapper is having a rough week and will probably need some time off to deal with his personal issues.

6ix9ine made the statement while partying at Steve's birthday party.

For those who don't know Steve, he's a YouTuber known as “SteveWillDoIt”. Recently his channel was shut down by Youtube in response to the incident involving Lil Durk's lookalike named Perkio. 6ix9ine gave his buddy 100k for his birthday—he wanted to give him some financial support.

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Written by: Silvia Tine

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