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Charleston White Calls Out Boosie and DJ Vlad Over Cancelled Livestream

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In the latest online drama (March 7th), has thrown down the gauntlet, challenging and to a physical confrontation. The dispute originated from a canceled livestream between the popular streamer and Boosie, where Adin cited loyalty to White as the reason for canceling the appearance. Charleston White didn't take kindly to Vlad's criticism of Ross's decision and lashed out, accusing Boosie of past violent actions and challenging both him and DJ Vlad to a fight.

Charleston White didn't hold back in his fiery live video aimed directly at DJ Vlad and Boosie. He was straight to the point, accusing Boosie of past violence and daring both Boosie and DJ Vlad to a physical fight. White also raised concerns about Boosie's suitability for appearing on Adin Ross's channel, especially given his past actions and their potential impact on younger viewers. As things heated up, White didn't hold back from calling out DJ Vlad, boldly stating his views while brushing off Vlad's critiques.

In response, DJ Vlad took to social media, stating, “It's always funny how Charleston tries to gaslight and call Boosie a killer – even though Boosie went to trial and was found not guilty. Meanwhile, Charleston was convicted of killing a defenseless man while trying to steal his jacket.”

Adding fuel to the fire, DJ Vlad also highlighted a controversial statement made by Charleston White regarding Hitler and the Holocaust, further intensifying the online dispute. Vlad tweeted: “So @adinross, who is Jewish, canceled his livestream with @BOOSIEOFFICIAL because of his loyalty to Charleston White. This is after Charleston White said he loves Hitler and the Holocust was fake. Adin is lame is fuck for this. Fuck Adin Ross.”

The media personality didn't stop there. He also accused Adin Ross of dishonesty, claiming that Ross used the word “loyalty” to Charleston White as a cover-up while engaging in a bait-and-switch with Boosie. Vlad went as far as labeling Adin's actions as “scumbag behavior.”


Clarifying the situation between Adin and Boosie, DJ Vlad shared details of the canceled Livestream. On his social media page, Vlad tweeted: “So after talking to Boosie, here's the whole story behind the Adin Ross & Boosie canceled live stream. Adin personally reached out to Boosie and agreed to pay him to be on his stream. 2 hours before they were about to start, Adin's assistant called Boosie and changed the terms of the deal. He told Boosie they needed to have Charleston on the stream as well, knowing that Charleston talked about Boosie's kids in the past, so it would “go viral.” Boosie turned it down. Adin lied about turning down the Boosie stream because of his loyalty to Charleston. He did a bait-and-switch with Boosie, and it didn't work. Scumbag behavior.

Despite Charleston White's ongoing provocations, throughout the years, Boosie has consistently made it clear that he prefers to avoid conflicts with White, reaffirming his steadfast commitment to steering clear of involvement with him.

Many folks might find the idea of Boosie and Charleston White squaring off entertaining, but Boosie's decision to avoid it shows his wisdom. Even though it might seem like entertainment for onlookers, getting involved in such conflicts could seriously jeopardize Boosie's safety and career. Boosie has previously expressed concerns about Charleston White's unpredictable behavior, recognizing the potential dangers of engaging in a feud with him.

A few weeks ago, Boosie shared his reasons for avoiding any confrontation with Charleston White. He pointed out the potential consequences, saying, “Charleston White going to put your ass in jail, boy. I'm not saying nothing about no Charleston White. Never! There's one egg I'm not trying to crack. You better pick your battles wise. Charleston White going to call your PO. You ain't ready to f*ck with that. That's a whole different… Hell no. That man ain't trying to kill me. That man ain't trying to do me nothing. I ain't gotta say nothing. I ain't going to let y'all bug me up to say nothing about it.”

As the heat between DJ Vlad, Adin Ross and Charleston White keeps rising, their ongoing spat fuels the online buzz. While the drama unfolds, Boosie remains steadfast, prioritizing his safety and reputation above all else.

Written by: Silvia Tine

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